Google is to internet as is a temple to its Religion. Each is the main gateway to explore the other. The truth of our global situation is that, if you are not visible on Google, you are nowhere. Thus, Google is by-far the largest sole platform that can make or break your online identity.

Google caters to 40000 searches every second and 3.5 billion searches in a day worldwide. It enjoys a whopping 65% share of the global searches and queries online. Thus, all your online identities need to be catering to Google settings and requirements. Simply stating, any kind of SEO services offered by anyone is ineffective without Google visibility.

Google is the largest search engine in the world, that offers various services and developmental tools to all websites and applications (its intended clients as well) free of cost. The Google search console is the most important of all of them. It helps a company, a brand, like you monitor the effectiveness of your online presence overall. Once you submit site to Google, it gives a clear picture of the technical details, content details as well as the effective marketing details. It gives a clear page traffic count down to the country state and town details of the viewer. Google Webmaster tools also inform about the pending technical issues and parts of your online presence that are not so effective or are making you lose traffic.

Google has launched a new search console with better webmaster tools (yet under testing) for common use. As of now, both the versions are readily available for usage, comparison and feedbacks. There are many up-gradations being offered in the newer console that shall help in a more transparent page composition and marketing affectivity monitoring system.

To register for the Google Console, open it and in the search property drop down menu, choose the option of Add a property. This is still the older console function, not yet functional on the newer one. Register your website as the property to let Google read. What is verification? It is a Google Webmaster code to verify that the property belongs to you and you are its owner by one of the ways provided. Once you understand how to verify your Google account, Google shall read all its details and analyze them for you.

The newer Google webmaster console has enhanced search data background storage capacity. Once registered with Google analytics, it keeps track of the total clicks, impressions, traffic, average CTR and average data positions, giving a detailed report on affectivity as and when required. The newer version of Google console provides the option to retain this data for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or the maximum 16 months time period. All this data helps to get a clear picture on the affectivity of changes made.

The new console provides a clearer picture in regards to the indexing of your website and its affectivity. The AMP’s or the accelerated Mobile Pages, which now are given higher priority by Google, get better monitoring and analysis. The newer Google Console also inculcates a separate section to post your job-openings available. It overall gives you much more control and monitoring clarity over your websites.