Internet of Things (IOT) affecting Search Engine Optmization(SEO)

The concept of “Internet of Things” (IOT) is entirely based on Wi-Fi enabled smart appliances other than cell phones, computers and tablets which can communicate over the Internet.


Today’s devices are designed to communicate like humans. For example, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri are smart-device platforms that answer any question that you ask by gathering the information over the Internet.

Hence, SEO services will have to develop a two-pronged approach:

· Design websites that are enabled for voice searches,

· Implement social media marketing techniques that involve verbal interaction with buyers.


IOT is gradually shifting the focus of marketing techniques to other innovative methods of advertising in line with latest trends. Here are some predictions by experts on how IOT will affect SEO strategies in the future:

Optimization for Regional Markets

Potential customers will search in region-specific online business directories for various products and services. Hence, the marketing campaign will be optimized to target local databases rather than focusing only on search engine optimization.

Local Product Alliances

Here’s an example: If you purchase a LG washing machine the technician hands you a free packet of Ariel Matic detergent. The next-gen machines may recommend the allied product over the Internet. The alliance is more localized and this will affect the marketing techniques.

New methods of optimization will have to be devised because it’s not one product competing with another. It’s a pair of products competing with another pair of similar goods.

Feedback Analysis

Since the smart devices are Wi-Fi enabled, collecting customer feedback is not a lengthy process anymore. SEO experts will have instantaneous access to feedback that can be analyzed promptly for subsequent marketing strategies. In fact, the future of SEO lies in campaigns that will automatically adjust to faster customer feedback.

Internet of things (IOT) leaves the field wide open for innovative ideas in optimization of websites, social media pages and E-Commerce sites. We can see IOT affect SEO already, hence keeping up with the changing trend is the need of the hour.