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About Us

The most radical people are those who ask questions. Fret not! You aren’t the only one who got bowled over by our brand’s name.

So, now that you’ve decided, we’ll tell you who we are.

Well, we are a bunch of tech savvy digital marketenders. You know about the stuff we do, you just do not know our story yet. We are one part organic SEO, and one part social media. And equal parts gin and equal parts vodka. Yes, we are rebels. Just not without a cause.

Delving into the Martini story would seem to be the most ideal choice now. However tempting it might be for most of us, we’ll just keep it for some other day. The origins of Martini are vague and hazy at best and that is so not the case with Brandsmartini.

Search Engine Optimization - Taking its own, sweet time, SEO provides a long lasting high to your brand and helps it earn the much needed distinction in this hot pursuit of digital marketing.

Content Marketing - Our content marketing service is an enticing experience wrapped in a sultry package, helping you attract and retain prospective buyers with beautifully crafted stories.

Social Media Marketing - Even the most amazing of concepts need to be promoted in the right form, through the right channels. And that’s why you need our SMO & SMM services; not to disrupt the communication, but to integrate.

Online Reputation Management - Anything that’s exceptional and well-marketed is talked about. However, fallacious comments and negative reviews quickly take over, and that’s why it’s imperative to leverage the power of ORM services

PPC Advertising - Brandsmartini’s eminent PPC campaigns let you pay for the top positions on search engines.

Facebook Marketing - Money spent on Facebook marketing is happiness and business growing by leaps and bounds.