Call for Presentations

The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech) Learning Experience sessions to be hosted at Brand Print Americas 2020 which will be co-located with Labelexpo Americas at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL from September 15-17.

This new print industry event will be this year’s home for relevant education. As in the past, the Learning Experience (historically hosted at PRINT®) will have top-notch educational programs including seminars developed especially for professionals working in some part of the printing value chain.

Attendees will come to the Brand Print event to learn something new to help them improve and grow their company. Most attendees have a limited amount of time at the event and want to squeeze as much as possible from their visit. The seminars we select for the Learning Experience, will be timely and tightly focused on a topic of greatest relevance to people who work in a variety of roles in the realm of print and visual communications. We particularly want sessions with a specific "how to" element. How to approach a new market. How to stand out from the competition. How to add a new technology or line of business. How to work with specific applications. How to manage. How to market. How to sell. How to navigate the future. You get the idea.

Seminar sessions are 75 minutes in length, allowing time for more in-depth discussions. Sessions are to be educational and not intended to promote one’s product, service or company. Content is to be unbiased, neutral and noncommercial. Below is a list of suggested topic areas for the 2020 program to use as a general guide. You can choose to cover one or more of these proposed topics but feel free to offer alternative topics of your own that you feel will interest the audience.

Benefits of Presenting

Speaking for the Learning Experience at Brand Print Americas is the perfect opportunity to “see and be seen” and network with industry professionals. Speakers receive complimentary admission to both Labelexpo Americas and Brand Print Americas exhibit floors for all three days of the co-located shows. Speakers may also attend any of the session programming for both events.

All speakers receive extensive promotion through various media channels, including, but not limited to the Brand Print Americas website, the APTech website, social media posts, emails, PR and direct mail campaigns. Selected speakers will also be invited to participate in a LeadingPRINT podcast or webinar in the months leading up to the event. Speaking at the Learning Experience program is on a volunteer basis, so travel, lodging and meal expenses are the responsibility of the speaker.

Areas of Focus

Big Picture – Industry, Economy, Culture and Future

  • State of Industry overall

  • Top growth markets for print

  • Communication, culture and print

Brands & Packaging

  • How to build your brand story

  • What brands want from print partners

  • Expanding your business with package printing

  • New opportunities in managing color and visual appearance

  • Interactive marketing through packaging

Innovation & Technology

  • Data management & analytics

  • Immersive & connective media – virtual, augmented and mixed reality

  • 3D Printing – are there really opportunities for PSPs?

  • MIS & management systems

  • Printing & finishing technologies


  • Attracting people to your company/industry

  • Making the right buying decisions

  • Transforming your business: case studies & success stories

  • Creating a continuous improvement culture

  • Going global – how to join the worldwide marketplace

  • Growing through partnerships, mergers or acquisitions


  • Direct marketing – new opportunities with personalization

  • Omni Channel marketing – Keeping print in the mix

  • Content marketing – how to tell compelling stories

  • Data driven marketing – how to organize and activate data

  • SEO, SERP – Mastering search marketing

  • Social media marketing 2020

  • How to promote the value of print

Opportunities & Markets

  • Top growing vertical market opportunities (case studies, tips for entering market)

    • Medical/Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Providers

    • Telecommunications

    • Travel/Hospitality/Food & Beverage

    • Opportunities in Cannabis Market

    • Real Estate (resurgence)

    • Higher Education

  • Industrial/functional printing opportunities

  • Expanding capabilities through finishing & embellishment

  • How to build partnerships with other businesses

  • Building non-print business capabilities

  • Growing a global customer base


  • Lead gen & nurturing

  • Building customer loyalty in a bottom-line world

  • Getting and using referrals to grow sales

  • Mastering prospecting in today’s world

  • Maximizing sales opportunities with existing clients

  • How to make an appealing sales kit

Submission Deadline - EXTENDED to March 25!!!

Big Picture – Industry, Economy, Culture and Future State

The deadline to submit for the Learning Experience at Brand Print Americas has been extended to March 25, 2020. Submissions will be reviewed on a first-received basis.