Data for W. E. Allen, et al., "Thirst regulates motivated behavior through modulation of brainwide neural population dynamics", Science (2019)


Data are distributed HDF5 files containing 10 ms binned firing rates, brain area IDs for each unit, and behavioral data (41.5GB total). Data are available through Google Drive. Email to obtain access.

Data structure

Each HDF5 file includes histological information, firing rate information, and behavioral information, as well as some basic information about each unit.

  • Histological:
    • areas (Nunit): area encodings using final collapsed hierarchy (area names listed in area_map.csv)
    • areas_aibs (Nunit): area encoding from Allen Brain Institute (AIBS) atlas.
    • areas_aibs_higher (Nunit): area encoding from Allen Brain Institute (AIBS) atlas at high-level cut of hierarchy.
    • depth (Nunit): depth of each unit along probe
    • locs (Nunit x 3): registered 3D location of each unit within the AIBS reference space.
  • Behavioral:
    • session (Ntrial): which session each trial come from (session 0 = endogenous thirst, session 1 = optogenetic stimulation, session 2 = washout)
    • behavior (5 x 600 x Ntrial): matrix of binary-encoded behavioral data, binned at 10 ms time resolution.
      • Row 1: Go odor timing
      • Row 2: No-Go odor timing
      • Row 3: Reward time
      • Row 4: Lick times
      • Row 5: Stim times
  • Activity:
    • rates (Nunit x 600 x Ntrial): firing rates for each unit binned at 10 ms time resolution (6 s per trial), by number of trials.
  • Diagnostic:
    • fp_rate (Nunit): estimated false positive rate (note: may be inaccurate)
    • avg_fr (Nunit): average firing rate of each neuron across session.


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