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Written, Produced and Directed by Jeremiah A. Shabazz

The Mediation (Concept Trailer)

When Yolanda and Brian decide to get a divorce, they meet with their lawyers and a mediator inside the Bakalacorp mediation room to resolve some financial issues. After an angry exchange between Yolanda and Brian, the lawyers and mediator decide to leave for lunch. Still angry, the couple is left inside the mediation room alone. Allowing the lies, truths, and secrets of their marriage to finally reveal themselves.

With your help (The Mediation) will be award-winning scriptwriter and producer Jeremiah A. Shabazz's first full length feature film. The Mediation will give Jeremiah A. Shabazz the opportunity to showcase his producing and script writing skills, while also taking on the role of director. The best way to help Jeremiah A. Shabazz reach his goal of completing this film is to donate to the go fund me link here: 

Thank you for your support.

Screenwriter, director and producer Jeremiah Shabazz with actor Omar Porter.

Bethonie's Interview Trailer

I have won my first script competition for Access Sacramento and now have finished a 10-minute film called Bethonie's Interview.  Thank You for the love and support !!!

Enjoy Bethonie's Interview !!!