The course outline, reading calendar and Service Learning Project (SLP) are below. These documents explain the course and what topics we will be discussing each week.

  • All work is submitted using Google Classroom, please do not e-mail Mr. Bragg any of your assignments!
  • Political & Social Issues: You will be expected to work on issues that are important and possibly contentious. A classroom environment that cultivates sensitivity and respect is central to this course. You are learning about and working with historic and current social issues on local, national and global scales.
  • Digital Citizenship & Etiquette: The rubrics for all major unit projects have a Digital Citizenship component. It equates to roughly 10% of projects and is reduced only when students misuse their devices during class time.
  • E-mail etiquette is taught early on in the course.


The following is a list all assignments that will be completed this year in Citizenship 9 with Mr. Bragg.

There are four distinct units that cover all of the outcomes in the course apart from those connected with the Service Learning Project (SLP).

Each icon, listed with their unit below, is a link.

  • The major assignments are listed to the far right (a presentation, video, voting/parliamentary simulation & a citizenship wiki).
  • The percentage is representative of the points scored on all assessments within the unit.
  • Major assignments are worth double the points of other assignments in the same unit.

Citizenship Journal: Your Work & Reflections on Citizenship.


Unit 1: Political Thinking


Unit 2: Power, Change & Rights


Unit 3: Government & Justice


Unit 4: Global Citizenship


SLP: Service Learning Project