Disposing of oil can cause a lot of damage if not done properly. It can pollute local water supply, hurt wildlife and cause damage to pipes as the oil cools down and solidifies. Oil doesn’t just disintegrate wherever it is dumped, so it’s crucial to make sure it gets disposed of correctly. This is where Braddock Grease would love to lend a helping hand!

Here at Braddock Grease we are a local service solution on a mission to recycle used grease in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. After collecting your grease in barrels we provide, we'll ship your grease to a Biofuel company in Erie, PA to get processed into a functional product once more.

Why choose Braddock Grease?

Sustainably Local

Braddock Grease makes sure your oil waste is set on the path of sustainability. Sending grease to a biofuel company sounds great but the transportation of oil waste can generate more pollution in the process if not taken into account. Braddock Grease is partnered with a Pennsylvania-based biofuel company so we can guarantee your oil waste won’t leave the state. This ensures your grease is on the most effective route to recycle.

Yinz First

We pride ourselves on our trustworthy customer service- we want to make your life easier. Between our service number, website and social media we try our best to streamline grease pickup to make sure you can get rid of your grease with ease. We’ll even provide you with grease collection barrels so you don’t have to worry about transport. We’re flexible when it comes to scheduling pick-ups, sometimes it’s weekly and other times you just want to fry a chicken-we get it! We’re happy to talk on the phone with you about whatever unique pickup you may have!

326 Talbot Avenue, Braddock, PA 15104