Submission Topics

Ecosystem-aware BPMDS

  • Which external factors influence the modeling of business processes and how?
  • How can the design of business processes take into account their ecoystem?
  • Which ways of business process support are predetermined by the context, e.g. blockchain ?
  • How does the extended organizational context, e.g. virtual organizations and teams, influence the modeling design and support of business processes ? Examples are social influences, social software etc.
  • How does the availability of a multitude of new data sources impact business processes? Examples are Big Data, Analytics etc.
  • How is the heterogeneity of these data sources concerning reliability, security etc. handled in business processes? Examples are open data, social data etc.
  • Which new event sources, decision mechanisms and rules impact business processes? Examples are IoT, dash buttons, voice bots etc.
  • Which new ways to accomplish tasks in business processes are provided? Examples are cloud-based infrastructures, microservices, etc.
  • How does the context influence the general structure of business processes? Examples are platforms, two-sided markets, blockchains etc.

Business Process Modeling

  • Business process modeling languages, notations and methods
  • Multi-perspectives on business process modeling
  • Theoretical foundations for analyzing, modeling business processes
  • Variability and adaptability of business process models
  • Domain specific reference models and domain specific modeling languages
  • Decision management and BPMDS
  • Business process modeling, enhanced by social software and social networks

Business Process Development

  • Compliance, reliability, security, performance
  • Knowledge-intensive business processes
  • Context aware business processes
  • Cross-organizational business processes
  • Data-intensive business processes
  • Business process change management and governance issues
  • Enhancing creativity in business processes

Business Process Support

  • Theoretical foundations for simulating or executing business processes
  • Service orientation for better supporting business processes (appropriate level of flexibility, variability, granularity, ...)
  • Business process support combined with social software and social networks
  • Context aware work allocation in business processes
  • Actor support vs. control support in business processes
  • Mobile technologies and context aware business processes
  • Business processes using cloud-services

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