Program 2023

Monday June 12

Joint Keynote BPMDS / EMMSAD
Speaker: Sjaak Brinkkemper (Utrecht University, NL)

Coffee break

Introduction and Welcome to BPMDS'23

Rainer Schmidt & Han van der Aa

Paper Session 1: AI for Business Process Management

Just Tell Me: Prompt Engineering in Business Process Management
Kiran Busch, Alexander Rochlitzer, Diana Sola and Henrik Leopold

Reinforcement Learning-supported AB Testing of Business Process Improvements: An Industry Perspective
Aaron Friedrich Kurz, Timotheus Kampik, Luise Pufahl and Ingo Weber

Lunch break

Paper Session 2: Modeling and Transforming Process Data

Session chair: Henrik Leopold

Modelling and Execution of Data-Driven Processes with JSON-Nets  
Andreas Fritsch, Selina Schüler, Martin Forell and Andreas Oberweis

Aligning object-centric event logs with data-centric conceptual models  
Alexandre Goossens, Charlotte Verbruggen, Johannes De Smedt, Jan Vanthienen and Monique Snoeck

From Network Traffic Data to a business-level Event Log  
Moshe Hadad, Gal Engelberg and Pnina Soffer

Coffee break

Roundtable on the Impact of AI on BPM

Tuesday June 13

Paper Session 3: Decision and Context-aware Business Process Management

Session chair: Pnina Soffer

A Novel Decision Mining Method Considering Multiple Model Paths
Pietro Portolani, Diego Savoia, Andrea Ballarino and Matteo Matteucci

Modeling, Executing and Monitoring IoT-Driven Business Rules
Yusuf Kirikkayis, Florian Gallik and Manfred Reichert

A Generic Approach towards Location-aware Business Process Execution  
Leo Poss and Stefan Schönig

Coffee break

Paper Session 4: Modeling Temporal and Behavioral Process Constraints

Session chair: Stefan Schönig

Time-aware Contract Model for Legal Smart Contracts  
Josef Lubas and Johann Eder

Efficient Computation of Behavioral Changes in Declarative Process Models
Nicolai Schützenmeier, Carl Corea, Patrick Delfmann and Stefan Jablonski

Beyond Temporal Dependency: An Ontology-Based Approach to Modeling Causal Structures in Business Processes
Kerstin Andree, Dorina Bano and Mathias Weske

Closing of BPMDS'23