Program 2022

June 6th

Joint Keynote BPMDS / EMMSAD
Chair: Selmin Nurcan
Speaker: Raimundas Matulevičius
Keynote Title: Trustworthy Information Systems: Modelling Security, Privacy and Forensics in Business Processes

Coffee break

Introduction and Welcome to BPMDS22

Selmin Nurcan

Actual and Perceived Challenges
Chair: Rainer Schmidt

Process Mining Challenges Perceived by Analysts: An Interview Study. Lisa Zimmermann, Francesca Zerbato, and Barbara Weber.
Towards Process-oriented IIoT Security Management: Perspectives and Challenges. Stefan Schönig, Markus Hornsteiner, and Christoph Stoiber.

Teasing of the posters

Business Process Modeling
Chair: Lorenzo Rossi

RBPMN - The power of roles for business process modeling with BPMN.
Tarek Skouti, Frank J. Furrer, and Susanne Strahringer.
A Complementary Analysis of the Behavior of BPMN Tools Regarding Process Modeling.
João Vitor de Camargo, Nicolas Mauro de Moreira Bohnenberger, Vinicius Stein Dani, José Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira, Encarna Sosa-Sánchez, Gregor Polančič, and Lucineia Heloisa Thom

Coffee break

Understanding Collaboration: one issue, many perspectives

Chair: Simon Poon

A Technique for Collaboration Discovery.
Flavio Corradini, Barbara Re, Lorenzo Rossi, and Francesco Tiezzi.
Understanding Process Management in Non-profit Organisations without Formal Business Process Management. Chezre Fredericks and Lisa Seymour.

Workshops Dinner

June 7th

Event logs - why it deviates ?

Chair Rainer Schmidt

Deviance Analysis by Means of Redescription Mining.
Martin Käppel, Engjell Ahmeti, and Stefan Jablonski.
Detecting Context Activities in Event Logs. Yang Lu, Qifan Chen, and Simon Poon.
Event Log Generation: An Industry Perspective.
Timotheus Kampik and Mathias Weske.

Coffee break

Poster session

Chair Timotheus Kampik

Process Mining for Time Series Data. Tobias Ziolkowski, Agnes Koschmider, Rene Schubert, and Matthias Renz.
Towards an Information Systems-driven Maturity Model for Industry 4.0. Francesco Leotta, Jerin George Mathew, Flavia Monti, and Massimo Mecella

Joint Session (EMMSAD, BPMDS & KET4DF): Industry Talk and Panel
Industry Talk: "AI for Industry: Our secret weapons"
Geert Poel
Speaker: Andrei Bertic

Panel: "AI, AR and governance in manufacturing and I4.0/I5.0"
Chair: Geert Poels
Panelists: Andrei Bertic, Raimundas Matulevičius, Flavia Monti, Erik Proper

Coffee break

Brainstorming with posters' Authors

Chair: Selmin Nurcan, Rainer Schmidt

Closing of BPMDS22