Submission Topics

Transformative BPMDS

The topic theme is mandatory for Idea Paper submissions, all other submissions are free to address any topic related to the fields of Business Process Modeling, Development and Support, among which are:

Models and Notations

  • Standard and non-standard perspectives on business processes especially in transformative environments
  • Meta-model and notation extensions
  • New modeling languages and notations
  • Domain-specific modeling languages
  • Reference models


  • Theoretical foundations for analysis and modeling of business processes
  • Variability and adaptability of business process models
  • Methods for the process of process modeling and its optimizations
  • Social information systems and their applications
  • Process mining
  • Business Process Development
  • Business process change management and governance issues
  • Enhancing creativity in business processes

Design Goals

  • How to foster quality, flexibility, compliance, and security of process and at the same time reduce cost and processing time?


  • New paradigms and architectures for Business Process executions, such as object-aware, data-intensive
  • Location and context-dependence of business processes.
  • Cross-organizational processes
  • Data-intensive business processes

Business Process Support

  • Theoretical foundations for simulating or executing business processes
  • Context-aware work allocation in business processes
  • Actor support vs. control support in business processes
  • New platforms such as blockchains and smart contracts.

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