Business Process Modeling, Development, and Support

the 22th edition of the BPMDS series,

in conjunction with CAISE'21, Melbourne, 28-29 June, 2021

BPMDS’21 Working Conference

BUSINESS PRocess Improvement

Business Process Modeling, Development and Support

Sponsored by IFIP WG8.1 (International Federation for Information Processing Working Group 8.1)

The Business Process Modeling, Development and Support (BPMDS) working conference has been held for two decades, dealing with and promoting research on BPMDS, and has been a platform for a multitude of influential research papers. In keeping with its tradition, the working conference covers a broad range of theoretical and application-based research on BPMDS.

This year’s topic theme “Business Process Improvement” originates from the opportunities unleashed by the advancements in the fields of machine-learning and artificial intelligence, which enable the transition from the traditional process improvement led by human-experts to new process improvement methods based on intelligent software and systems, with the goal of reducing the effort and time required to achieve process improvements.

The topic theme is mandatory for Idea Paper submissions. All other submissions are free to address any topic related to the fields of Business Process Modeling, Development and Support, which include but are not limited to:


Process improvement through AI and machine-learning

Methods / Conceptual frameworks for process improvement

Case-studies focused on process improvement

Robotic process automation for process improvement

Enhancing creativity in business processes


New paradigms and architectures for business process executions, such as object-aware, data-intensive

Location and context-dependence of business processes

Cross-organizational processes

Data-intensive business processes


Theoretical foundations for simulating or executing business processes

Context-aware work allocation in business processes

Actor support vs. control support in business processes

New platforms such as blockchains and smart contracts MODELS AND NOTATIONS

Standard and non-standard perspectives on business processes especially concerning data incorporation and analysis

Meta-model and notation extensions

New modeling languages and notations

Domain-specific modeling languages

Reference models


Theoretical foundations for analysis and modeling of business processes

Variability and adaptability of business process models

Methods for the process of process modeling and its optimizations

Social information systems and their applications

Process mining

Business Process Development

Business process change management and governance issues