Make Your Boxes of Goodies Stand Out This Holiday

Whether you own a bakery, coffee shop, or confectionary business, using candy boxes as your primary method of sending home goods is very useful for your business. These boxes are cheap, they compartmentalize different treats, and they’re perfect for on-the-go customers (and even shipping!).

Here’s a few ways to make those candy boxes stand out this holiday season to show your customers you’re a business that goes above and beyond in production, quality, and presentation.

Have someone produce art on the box.

Now, admittedly, if you mass produce boxes of goodies, this may seem unfeasible unless you have the revenue to pay for specific printed art on each and every box. But if you’re a small business and only sell a few boxes of goods to-go every day, having someone draw or paint some sort of art (whether it’s your logo or something related to your business) on your boxes can make the product seem extremely memorable for your customers. And as I mentioned, this would just be for the holiday season (even if it’s just a week or a month of doing it). You wouldn’t need to pay someone yearound for this service.

Wrap it in a ribbon and bow.

It is the holidays, after all. Having someone tie up the box with a ribbon and top it with a bow won’t cost you much at all, yet it’s in the spirit of the holiday season to make your product look nice. Do you want your customers feeling like they just purchased something, or do you want them feeling like they just received a gift? (Yeah, it’s the latter.)

Have your official business name stamped on it.

Perhaps you already have your own official stamp made. While stamps are often for documents and letters, having it imprinted on a box is a way to get some free advertising as your customers leave your shop and carry your goods around or to their homes.

Sign your name (or monogram!).

Personalization is memorable. They’ll remember your name and your business’s name if you happen to sign every single box, so a little extra personalized signature costs you almost no time to do, yet makes each marked box seem like you made them with your own hands (even if it was another of your employees!). A signature coming from the owner of a business can seem special to a customer, as it shows you care about all of your goods.