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Caterers don't simply serve up beautiful dinners for private gatherings, did you know? They occasionally give packaged lunches for on-the-go groups. They demonstrate that you don't have to be fancy to be a gourmet. Consider the boxed lunch option if you have something scheduled and are concerned about how you will handle a meal on the road. It will make the procedure simple and, in most cases, economical.

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Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering
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Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering

Box Lunch Catering Northern VA

What exactly is included in a boxed lunch?

The menus vary depending on the caterer; however, most caterers provide a sandwich or wrap. Several types of meat and cheeses are available, and mayo and mustard are on the side. The main course is regarded to be the sandwich. In most cases, the lunch also includes a side dish, such as a potato or green salad, as well as a small dessert. Popular desserts include chocolate chip cookies and brownies.

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Is there a wide range of options?

Each business will have a limited amount of options. The event organizer can order the same sandwiches and sides for all meals or a variety of sandwiches and sides. Because all of the food is created by hand and is fresh, it's crucial to make all of your choices ahead of time. The majority of coordinators do not particularly ask attendees what kind of meal they prefer. The options are laid forth for everyone to choose from.

Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering

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Are there any restrictions on the number of boxes that can be ordered?

Customers are usually required to put a minimum order with caterers. A few boxed lunches can be ordered, usually between 8 and 10. Remember that each box includes the sandwich, a side dish, a dessert, and all essential disposables, such as napkins and spoons. The contents of the containers are frequently labeled on the outside.

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How are boxed lunches delivered or picked up?

The versatility of a boxed lunch option is one of its best features. The meals can be picked up and taken with you to your destination. They can normally be stored in a cooler and served around lunchtime. Alternatively, everything can be delivered to a specific address. Caterers will endeavor to do what is best for the customer in any case. Customers can even pick up the food on their route to their retreat or conference if it makes sense.

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Caterers know that the boxed lunch is a versatile choice that works well in various scenarios, from corporate meetings to wilderness getaways. No matter where they are, everyone may enjoy a delicious lunch with only one phone call.