About Us

Mike Bowman

Mike Bowman is a "Master Barber Stylist" with 45 years of experience, blending of hair is his forte.

Mr. Bowman's services include:

  • Razor and scissor cutting
  • Hair pieces
  • Wigs
  • Hair systems
  • Clipper cutting
  • Medical related hair loss

My sense of style

Not to look too perfect. I strive for perfection in my work, but I think for your hair, wig, or hair addition to look natural, it should have a slight looseness about it. Softer lines, blending and less hair spray can do wonders for the natural look.

My inspiration

When I am challenged to make unruly hair more manageable or I can help someone, but especially someone dealing with hair loss due to illness, medical related or typical alopecia. I am very inspired to be able to help clients get through this crisis.

Tom Bowman

My background in hair styling began 42 years ago as a barber stylist. I have trained under Roffler, Sebring, Paul Mitchell, Pivot Point, Jingles, and many other well known artists across the country during these years. I have engaged in state and nationally sanctioned hair styling competitions for over 21 years, winning many local, state and national awards. I have spent 17 of those years as a competitor and latter as a judge, platform artist, International Quest Artist and as a team trainer.

My goal

My years of preparation, personal training, competition and the opportunity to train others for national team events has instilled in me the talent, ability and disciplines to use any hair cutting tool to its fullest potential as a hair designer. Competition demanded dedication to perfection and this is what I continually strive to provide to my clients.

My philosophy

Hair design is an art form. I have always believed that a good hair style combines both technical skills and creativity. The ability to use the proper tool to create shape, texture, and manageability is what separates a hair style from just a hair cut. It also ensures minimal maintenance by the client after leaving the salon.

If you are one of those people who have fought unmanageable hair all your life, then you are one of those people I want to see in my salon!

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