boutique hotel in Melbourne

Charming Qualities of Small and Quirky Hotels

Most people view hotels as simply places to sleep after a long day of business, sightseeing, activity, or traveling away from home. Professionals at trade shows, couples going to a Broadway show, a family in Orlando, or a consulting engineer in another country rarely spend much time or thought selecting the hotel. People are fine as long as the place is clean, comfortable, and cost-effective.

Another Perspective

Some people view the hotel as an integral part of the destination experience. These are the adventurers, those who want to relax and take in the scenery and people who enjoy one-of-a-kind places that have a personality all their own. They seek something different that is smaller than huge hotels and not the same boring setup with leaf motifs. There are a few options in terms of hotel types.

The Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast, or B&B, will have fewer than ten rooms available for guests. The setting is typically a huge old house that has been converted to a guest facility. The owners may live in the house as well. Guests may or may not have to share a bathroom and will be provided a home-cooked breakfast every morning in a communal dining room. The shared space, such as a living room, terrace, or porch, will have board games or cards for guests to use as they wish.

This option is ideal for a long weekend getaway. An Inn is similar to a B&B in size and setup. Breakfast is not always included in the room rate but there is usually a small restaurant where guests can order meals. A true inn is not to be confused with national or international chains that put “Inn” somewhere in the title of the hotel. A “Garden Suites Inn” with twenty stories, for example, is not really an inn.

Something in Between

A Boutique Hotel fits somewhere in the middle of huge places and B&Bs. These hotels have ten to one-hundred guest rooms and are usually found in the center of a city or the middle of town amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic, shopping, businesses, restaurants, and interesting landmarks or museums.

What sets a boutique hotel in Melbourne apart from other accommodations are the cutting-edge and quirky motif, a distinct personality and feel of the place, and a local flavor regarding the top-notch restaurant that will be filled with guests as well as people who live in the city. A perfect example is Treasury on Collins, which offers single rooms, two and three-bedroom suites, and a community room on the second floor.