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Marketing during COVID is just as important; follow the same marketing plan that works and emphasize safety. If you don't have a working plan, we should talk.

If you are waiting for the phone to ring, and your sales goals are not being met, we should talk. Hi I'm Keri Ann Bourne and I have called the Mendocino Coast my home since 1986.

I love consulting in marketing and I want to promote your service.

Marketing Planner, Reputation Management, Social Media Strategist

Selling Psychology, Photo & Video (Mini-Documentaries), Web Brochures (Mini-Sites)

Event Promotion, Retail Staging, Client Scheduling Systems

Target market determination, Surveys, Data analysis, Analog and Digital Reach

The best way for your business to grow and thrive is for your marketing to be focused, coordinated and authentic. The effect of small modifications often have far-reaching future results, so it's important to make qualified adjustments early on.

Analog reach is good old fashioned tried and true marketing resources such as mailers, radio and newspaper ads. Word of mouth absolutely is still the #1 resource you have. Fortunately, most of the best marketing channels available are at no or very low cost. It's up to you to make the move. If you are waiting for the phone to ring, and your sales goals are not being met, we should talk.

Optimal efficiency marketing strategies are authentic to your business. Custom generated content assures campaigns match your authentic nature. Authentic campaigns raise engagement. Raised engagement means that your message has greater reach. Greater reach enables your business to capture more clients from a broader range. All this while keeping relevant and interesting content in front of existing and engaged clients.

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