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The Takate-Kote (TK) chest tie (also known as the box-tie or gote) is one of the classic ties in shibari. Floor ties are generally not a problem with the TK, but the stresses from suspending can and do cause nerve injuries. I have seen it happen over and over. Some teachers feel it is only a matter of correct rope placement in suspension to prevent injury. However, there is serious debate about using the TK for suspensions. Topologist at crash-restraint, has created a chest loading TK to alleviate the issue. The Suspended Animation Crew will not let anyone use their hardpoints if they tie a TK.

People’s anatomy and nerve locations vary and change from person to person with rope placement. It is almost impossible to learn proper friction compaction, rope tensioning, and what you need to improve from only videos or books. My recommendation is to not use the TK for suspension until you gain experience with floor tying and have suitable instruction.

Here is a link to the Biodigital Human to explore human anatomy.

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