Shibari Rope Vendors

Shibari Rope Vendors

  • Home Depot/Lowes - For inexpensive nylon rope

  • DeGiotto Rope - Jute, Hemp, Bamboo, POSH. DeGiotto has very good, free on-site videos

  • Douglas Kent - Jute. He has custom whipped and knotted rope ends

  • Esinem Rope - Jute, Hemp, Linen Hemp. He also has for-pay videos and blog

  • Jade Rope - Jute, Hemp. They have interesting FAQs

  • R & W Rope - POSH

  • Rawganique - Linen

  • Twisted Monk - Jute, Hemp, POSH, Cotton. He has very good free on-site videos

Rope Information

Rope Ply - discussion

Jute processing - information

Hemp processing - information

Rope Strengths - from Fetlife

Shibari Hardware

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