Having been quietly interested in kink most of my adult life, it was not until 2008, while attending my first Burning Man festival in Nevada that I became exposed to real-life kink. The rope suspensions I saw were incredibly sensual and erotic. One year later, I was suspended and passionately hooked on rope.

I started taking rope classes at APEX (Arizona Power Exchange, our local dungeon). That interest grew while attending rope events (multiple times), such as Shibaricon, Bondage Expo Dallas, Ropecraft, Wristrained, FIRE, taking several private intensives, reading numerous bondage books and watching countless videos (some good and some bad). Finally, I also subscribe to numerous groups on Fetlife.

In 2013, I started the BoundToTie rope group at APEX as an avenue in which to give back to the community and at the same time help me grow. My main passion is teaching and seeing that spark ignite in someone when he/she just simply “gets rope”. I love continuing to learn and seeing different patterns in rope emerge as I tie and seeing their effects on my partner .

To assist others in their rope training path, I started this website to gather and organize many of the videos and materials already on the web.

Feel free to contact me at either Alien_Jim on Fetlife or