To Tie

Intro to Shibari

I am Alien_Jim on I have taught a rope class at my dungeon, APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) in Phoenix, since 2013. In addition to attending rope classes and conferences, teaching rope has allowed me to advance my rope skills. My hope is the information below will also help you on your shibari/kinbaku rope journey, however far you may want to go.

APEX Rope Classes: Due to Covid 19 and my current medical conditions, these classes are not currently being held.

Open Rope (practice), 2nd Tuesday

Rope EDGE 101 (introduction), 3rd Wednesday

Bound to Tie (intermediate), 4th Sunday

I also teach a class on The Illustrated History of Rope Bondage at APEX.

If you are looking for an online course to do a basic suspension, although it's still under construction, Topologist has created a very good free one at Here's a link if you just wish to watch his videos on

People are going to play with rope -- not everyone is near someone who can teach them the basics and safety of that play. Therefore, I have compiled several YouTube playlists and two slideshows, hopefully, to point you in the right direction. Consider the slideshows as RESOURCES, just as you would my list of shibari books. Learn something from everyone and then synthesize it into your way. There is no one person who has the one true way with rope.

The basics are not difficult. You're just using the rope to communicate with your partner. Patience is your friend, go slow until you know the basics. Most people want something quick to use in the bedroom. If you are not comfortable and proficient with floor ties, you should not attempt a suspension. Just be safe, have fun, connect with your partner and use care. Playing with rope is a journey and not a destination.

Please Email me if you have any comments on one of my classes or have a request for a future class at: