Installing the Virtual Machine for ENPC C++ course

You will find in this page a simple to way to set up a complete development environment for the C++ course at ENPC.

The solution is based on a virtual image of Ubuntu 16.04 with all prerequisite for using Imagine++ installed.

Note before going further

Using a virtual machine requires computing power and disk space (several GB). The proposed solution is not suitable for computers with low available space. Make sure you have at least 10 GB available on the disk.


  1. Install Virtual Box for your operating system.
  2. Download the disk image here.

Set up the Ubuntu Image

Start Virtual Box.

If you do not have any virtual machine, the window should look like this.

Then we will import the image:

File --> Import Appliance

Select the path to the downloaded image using the folder button.

Then agree to the following steps until Virtual Box imports the image.

After importation the virtual machine appears in the list on the left side.

To start our new virtual machine:

  • click on the corresponding item in the left list
  • press the Start button (green arrow)