Open Access Materials for Medical Professionals

Open Access Materials

Libraries today face an astounding barrier and paywall to accessing resources, especially digital ones. As the BML works to move forward in this area to provide the best services possible to our fellows, we have compiled a list of Open Access Materials for our fellows to access new material.

What is Open Access?

The American Library Association states that "Open access refers to the free and open availability of scholarly content on the Internet. Open-access materials are made available via digital repositories (archives) or scholarly journals. Open access does not equate to “anyone can publish anything”; rather, open access refers to the ability of anyone to view, download and use scholarly information."

While the BML provides onsite access to HMS resources, Open access materials are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Most open-access journals are peer reviewed, and as the movement for open access grows, more and more resources are becoming available. The BML and Countway library staff would be more than happy to help you locate resources.

A Selection of Medical Open Access Journals