The First Luckless Trading Card Game

BOS is the ultimate Battle Of Skill. With access to all of your cards at once, you are in complete control of the outcome of your battles. There is no shuffling, no drawing, no dice rolls, and no coin flips. Use your strategy to outplay your opponent, then seal their fate by summoning your boss monster. Nearly a decade of development has gone into this new take on the trading card game genre, and the result is an exciting, action-packed challenge that has you hooked on the first move.

Do you have what it takes to become a champion?

How to Win

Your goal is to master the strategy of the battlefield. Create your deck by collecting cards, then find someone to battle! Use your past battle experiences to improve your deck, tactics, and strategy. With no luck in the way, you can feel your skill growing every turn!

Want to see BOS in action? Check out the gameplay video on this page! You can also read the story of your battles!

Core Concepts

  • No luck

  • Balanced gameplay

  • Expressive strategies

  • Rewards for skillful play

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