Shiyu Bo (薄诗雨)


I am an Associate Professor of Economics at IESR, Jinan University. I hold a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics. I mainly work in Development Economics, Political Economy and Urban Economics, with a focus on the context of China.





"Centralization and Regional Development: Evidence from a Political Hierarchy Reform to Create Cities in China" [link], Journal of Urban Economics, 2020

"Environmental Regulations, Political Incentives and Local Economic Activities: Evidence from China", forthcoming at Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

"Media Attention and Choices of Major: Evidence from Anti-Doctor Violence" [link], with Joy Chen, Yan Song and Sen Zhou, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2020 (lead article)
Also available at GLO Discussion Paper Series #284, Global Labor Organization
Media: 凤凰网[link]; 澎湃[link]; 网易数读[link]

"Flattening of Government Hierarchies and Misuse of Public Funds: Evidence from Audit Programs in China"[link] with Yiping Wu and Lingna Zhong, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2020
Media: 澎湃[link]

"Admission Mechanisms and Mismatches between Colleges and Students: Evidence from a Large Administrative Dataset in China" [link], with Jing Liu, Ji-liang Shiu, Yan Song and Sen Zhou, Economics of Education Review , 2019
Media: 财经网[link]

"Son Preference, Children's Gender and Parents' Time Allocation: Evidence from China" [link], Applied Economics, April 2018
Media: 财新网[link]

Working Papers (available upon request)

"On Intergovernmental Communication: A Tale of Two Decentralization Reforms", with Liuchun Deng, Yufeng Sun and Boqun Wang, R&R at Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

"Political Hierarchy and Urban Primacy: Evidence from China", with Chao Cheng, R&R at Journal of Comparative Economics

"Air Pollution and Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from China", with Ting Chen and Cong Liu

"Natural Disasters and Human Capital: Evidence from the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake ", with Sen Zhou and Hongjia Zhu

"Military Investment and the Rise of Industrial Clusters: Evidence from China’s First Industrial Policy, 1861-1933", with Cong Liu and Yan Zhou, under review

"Extreme Weather, Electricity Outage and Corruption", with Shuting Zhang and Hongjia Zhu

Work in Progress

"Electricity and Industrial Growth in Early Twentieth-Century China", with Ting Chen and Cong Liu

"Elite Power Structure and Economic Growth in China", with Yiping Wu and Leo Yang