Bosham CC Covid-19 Net Rules 2021

1. You MUST book any use of the nets in advance. Tom Glennie, 07393552597 will oversee all bookings. When net session times are advertised, you need to contact Tom and provide all information asked for, including details of all persons wanting to attend.

2. You can only net with a total of six people.

3. Organised club training may go ahead with larger numbers but you must book your attendance in advance through Tom.

4. Net sessions will be provided when the club can provide chosen members who can oversee sessions at the ground. This is a requirement from the ECB.

5. You are not to socialise at the ground before or after your net session or watch others net. You are to arrive just before your slot and leave the ground as soon as it has finished.

6. The pavilion and other club facilities will not be available for use.

7. It is your responsibility to follow these rules and all signage at the club.

8. Failure to follow the rules set out will result in the loss of netting privileges.

9. At least 2 meters apart, unless netting with members of your household.

10. No sharing of equipment and you must bring your own ball or balls.

11. No saliva or sweat may be applied to your balls!

12. Stumps will be provided. You must wipe them down with wipes provided after your session.

13. Please do not leave anything at the ground, including rubbish of any kind, if you bing it please take it home with you.

As a club, we have written to all neighbours to inform them of us starting to offer restricted net use to members. They have been given details of how to report any concerns. Please respect them and your fellow members and stick to these rules.

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Bosham (pronounced Boz’am) is a small coastal village located in the south-west corner of Sussex. Cricket has been played in the village for over 100 years and is an important part of village life.

The Club is open to all residents and friends of Bosham and its neighbouring villages. Our ground has wonderful views over Bosham Channel and the South Downs and is accessed via a gravel track from the 5 bar gate at Delling Close (off Delling Lane) in Bosham. Limited parking is available at the end of the gravel track but cycling and walking are encouraged.

There are 2 full size all weather cricket nets for use by all members.

Two Saturday league sides play in The 1st Central Sussex Cricket League along with the Sussex T20 Plate and the Sussex Slam T20 Competitions. There is also a weekly friendly T20 side.

Junior Cricket is on a Monday evening, with age group cricket being played on a Saturday morning.

All home games and outdoor practice sessions take place at the Delling Lane Ground.

Purpose and objectives of the Club

  • Attract without discrimination, adult and young people from our local community to participate in playing and non playing activities in the amateur sport of cricket.

  • To offer members improved facilities which will enable them to flourish and play cricket in a safe and friendly environment within the spirit of the game.

  • Ensure our cricket club is an integral part of our local community that contributes to all sections of village life.

Bosham Cricket Club Code of Conduct.

The MCC Sprit of Cricket is upheld at all times.

The club is a place for all members of the community and guests. We behave in a way that makes everyone, from the small children to the oldest members of the community feel safe and welcome.

We will all have opinions about teammates, umpires and opponents but we never use derogatory or offence language or gestures.

As players and members we will all have views on club issues, we express them in the correct manor but always follow our Captain(s) on the field and assist our chosen representatives off the field.

Don’t ask who will do something for the club, step up and do it.

As players, we place the team we are playing for and the club ahead of personal achievement; the only name on our shirts is Bosham Cricket Club.

Bosham CC Constitution November 2019.pdf