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My healing sessions are based on self-love connection and exchange with the Universe.

An inexplicable state of insensitivity and energies stuck in your body, emotions and mind, can badly affect your wellbeing and may manifest as illness. Together we will arrive to clarity about what within you is truly human and yours, and where this unnatural insensitivity causes you to feel a terrible resistance in your life instead of your self-love. A healing session creates a safe space where you will relax by way of a guided breathwork meditation, and open your heart and restore the full and free energy flow through your being. Intuitively I will lead you to that which you have buried in your subconscious and you are now ready to bring up to light and address. You are no longer a powerless child. You are able to generate the power of love within you and offer your inner child the unconditional support and acceptance it needs to freely choose to return to your being in completion. From the place of self-love you will allow your soul vibration to bring about a healing on the levels of your body and energy. By focusing on feelings within your body, you consciously shift into the present moment and connect with all that is, in oneness and equality. You feel Connection that is completely independent of everything else, of all the circumstances of your life, and of all the other emotions and feelings, negative or positive. An exchange with the Universe that you experience and learn to create daily lifts you up, improves your wellbeing, and leads you to true and lasting healing.

book a 70 minute private session for 80 €

Borut Lesjak

I am an intuitive healer and a writer.

I believe in oneness and equality of all that is, from the place of self-love.

A gift of clairsentience enables me to feel clearly where awareness and energy are stuck. I bring in crystal clear awareness of what is human within us, and what may not be. Who you are, and who you are not.

I can help you shine the light into your subconscious and address what is ready to be addressed. With neutral loving attention I hold a safe space for your healing.

Unconditionally, I trust the Mover and your own choice to do your work.

Through my heart into yours, Borut Lesjak