storytelling of love

my heart

My vision and dream is a profound healing of Mother Earth and all dwelling here. I aspire to inspire and open hearts through loving creativity, shockingly crazy mirth, and light humor. What I feel in this marvelous world we live in is a fatefully obscured interconnection of everything that is, and my intention is to write softly about examples of unconditional love shining through the darkest night like supernovas of acceptance against all odds. As Spirit is moving through me and Mother Nature is bestowing gifts of magical support, I gratefully and humbly enact the roles of Universal healer, messenger, and scribe.

With my novels I desire to describe bright, fantastic, yet realistic worlds that are waiting for humanity to join in co-creating them, and perhaps even discover outright. There is simply no limit to what we can make, and make up! I create colorful characters who impress by being just what we always wanted to be yet never dared to pull off. Perhaps we were merely missing time enough to love ourselves, or the inspired awakening call of the present moment. I believe that we are now more than ready to just fully be who we are, and that we are going to heal through choosing to love ourselves, then express that love in all that we do as individuals and as our collective humanity!

My stories for kids are a pure potion of innocent, explosive love, a veritable roller-coaster of breathtaking joy. They are also a conscious attempt to shine a clear awareness of how perfectly sovereign our children are in their innate grasp of the worlds we share, and highlight their truly sublime gift of unique natural self-expression. I say, let's not take away from that in any way with our stale morality and our beliefs which perhaps stem solely from our own confused understanding of love. Kids just know, and let’s leave it at that. Their curiosity is endless and their imagination is an infinite vehicle that we can only hope to ride with them, perhaps awakening our own as we go, laughing together, endlessly.

Finally, my spiritual insights and my own walk on the path of loving healing per aspera ad astra are vulnerably bared naked, woven into the tapestry of my novels, stories, and wildly growing collection of short vignettes, poems, and other writings.