deeply felt free expression

I Choose Love

I choose love.

Over fear that spreads around me, I choose love.

Over seduction that calls upon me, I choose love.

Over sadness that undermines me, I choose love.

Over routine that binds me, I choose love.

Over confusion that blinds me, I choose love.

Over depression that paralyzes me, I choose love.

Over thinking that separates me, I choose love.

It is a moment to moment choice.

It is a flow, an exchange.

I am aware, therefore I choose love.

I Do Not Run Away

I do not run away

from myself on a dark day.

I stand here

and now,

while the storms are passing

and the seasons are changing

in my heart,

in my mind.

I am the observer,

the witness,

the probe,

of infinity,

sent forth into the night,

carrying with me


but the light of


Put Away Your Toys

Put away your toys,

Mother is calling.

A lonely voice

is crying in the night,

on a rock

in the desert.

Dawn is not coming soon.

Only stars, no moon.

Dark, dark sky, black.

Crystalline in nature.

What light there is

must come from You.

Bring forth thy Heart.

Thy Soul


Emerge, create.


of life to live,

of love to give.









Second by Second

Second by second,

day by day,

my life fades away

unless I manage to stay

aware of the joy

I can find everywhere,

in my own heart.

Unless I make choices,

day after day,

moment to moment,

not to wither away

but to express and create

and to feel mystery and magic

like a child once again—

and know I am alive

this moment,

this day.

I Will Love Myself

I will love myself

and all that is

and not be afraid

and if I can't

I will hurt

but not suffer

and I will heal

and be healing

and if I can't

I will die

but not vanish

and if I do

I will grow inside

and become everything

and I will love myself.

We Come Here

We come here

to this magical place

to weave some threads

of love.

And then we leave,

as if we never were.

Only love stays behind,

only our love.

What I Want is Who I Am

I want to walk on roads,

country roads of dust and grass.

I want to get lost there so completely

that I forget who I am not.

I want to roam free unencumbered

by my thoughts and structures of ice.

I want to sing my song

to everybody like a bird


I want to be me again

and again

and again

and again…