Spring, 2018 / sci-fi novel

The Folk and the Elite: a two-caste society that exists in an uneasy, technologically counterfeit peace, is thrown into conflict when a group of revolutionaries unearth the agenda of a covert, third group: the Rulers, who have secretly maintained hegemony by controlling and harvesting human minds from the command decks of their spirit laboratories for centuries. Folk and fierce and committed to shifting her world to something better, Evangeline and her eternal synth-elf companion Roth join forces with an unlikely crew: Mesbellian, an Elite who falls in love with her and she accepts as her lover, Jem, the child-gnome who may be hiding an unholy alliance, and Cee, the unstable, irreverent fourteen year old math genius with a traumatic past. Together this mismatched band of allies infiltrate the restricted timelines quarantined by the Rulers and attempt to reprogram the machinery of reality by facing their own future shadows.

Emmanuel listens to me with huge sympathetic eyes. He nods from time to time, letting me know that he knows, he understands, and that he feels for me. He holds my hand and squeezes it passionately when I am done talking. I can see a tear forming in his eye. He is moved. A feeling is coming into me now. There is no understanding on my part of how to process it, though. I am trying, as usual, yet to no avail. It comes for a fleeting moment, then passes. Why?

Emmanuel, still holding my hand, is looking straight into my soul through my softened eyes. He says slowly, "Your mind is much too fast for your feelings, you know. Try slowing it down, instead of spinning it even faster in your desire to understand. Feelings are meant to be simply felt.”

His words come as a shock to me. It is like my mind is being completely overwhelmed by an unknown force and there is nothing I can do about it but silently observe. Never before have I experienced anything like this! I am on the verge of panicking. Not that I know what panic is.

(an excerpt)


A story about saving the Universes while healing myself in the process.

A group of old and new friends are traversing their six known universes looking for an answer to a very curious question–one that turns out to be at the core of all that is wrong with each of their worlds. Finding a way to cross over into a completely new universe (or is it that they are in fact creating it as they journey?), they meet their soul counterparts there. Together they attempt to merge their respective realities into a single one, and in doing so resolve all imperfections. The writing of this story experiments with very weird elements like breaking the fourth wall, referencing the author as a character within his own creation, and even some brief time traveling. Ultimately the story reveals that all has been the author’s deep recounting of his personal traumas, and a road map of his own healing path.

From behind the house a loud noise penetrates this peaceful slumber, only adding to the aliveness of the experience. The neighbor’s dog is barking wildly, absorbed in his role of home guardian, pretending the threat is an imminent danger. The cat casually and nonchalantly strolls by on the dusty gravel road. The fine cement from the mixer diligently making concrete is escaping to the wind. The powerful, rusty rock grinder is hungrily devouring its long-awaited meal, making frightening crunching and creaking sounds with its iron jaws as it crushes pebbles into sand. The boy’s grandfather supervises the work, smoothing the flow of rocks with a meditative look of satisfaction on his weathered face.

The boy sighs in deep joy, playing with the sunlight on his eyelashes to create rainbows in his vision. He is thirsty, and jumps up and runs into the kitchen. He lets the crystal clear tap water run until it is icy cold then fills his glass, stirring in sweet homemade raspberry syrup. Oh, how delightful a treat it is! How it quenches the thirst and cools the body. The boy quivers from pleasure. Washing the glass quickly, he sets it in its place on the cupboard. He glances at the blue and white porcelain clock on the adobe-tiled chimney. Time sure is dragging itself along. Two hours before lunch still. What to do?

The boy returns to the balcony and grabs his book. He quickly finds himself immersed in the fantastic story. Only the drone of a passing plane draws his attention, and he looks up from the page he is reading. His mind is still half in the fantasy, half in his reality. Moved by the story, he contemplates where he is, who he is. A wave of profound emotion takes over. He is aware of his life, of his bliss. With his gentle gaze he intently follows the imaginary line the plane is drawing in that vastness of infinite sky. He closes his book, keeping his thumb tucked in where he left off reading, and sighs again.

(an excerpt)

Silent Crescendo

A direct manifest of our world’s journey into a new paradigm.

Starting with emotional episodes of my own life, I write about my vision of healing of humanity. What can we do specifically and consciously to shift into a more empowered state of being, individually and as a collective? The story follows a group of friends going around the planet and inspiring change, connecting a network of dreamers who together bring about the potent solutions we want to see in our lives, in our lifetimes.

Everybody cheers. The dream is unfolding quickly and surely.

“My global vision is to connect our hub with all the other hubs like ours all around the world. This will form a magnificent brilliant web of shining, interconnecting light. A grid of love that will crisscross the globe and powerfully assist with creating conditions for a global awakening of awareness. We will have to live and travel as a tight group exuding palpable synergy, connecting to others like us, to kick off the project of constructing this web of light. We will meet with leaders, people in positions of power–old paradigm power, to open the space for them to align with their self-love and awaken. Yet first we will go to the ones who are already waiting for us. To the true spiritual leaders of the world today. It is time for all of us to rise together and work as one.”

(an excerpt)