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The Snowman

The Snowflake is the first story that I have written for children and for the child in all of us. The whole of it, pure, shiny, and complete, was born through me quickly and gently on a beautiful gray winter afternoon in my home country Slovenia without much fuss or intervention on my side. It felt almost as if it was channeled from the great beyond, a message sent by Father Spirit and Mother Nature. Only after re-reading it over time did I gradually come to discover its many subtle evocations, true character, and underlying messages. Even later, while working closely and attentively with my editor, we came to recognize through shared revelation the deep, soft, and loving nature of the Snowflake and her healing place in a greater scheme of things—the whole of life eternally moving in pure interconnection of oneness.

There is a magic in The Snowflake that is alive and real, making itself known to me through clear messages from Mother Earth, delivered through her elemental and animal beings. There was the out-of-season surprise snowfall, an unusual occurrence in Slovenia's spring season, when the first falling snowflakes precisely coincided, to the very minute, with the first sold copy of The Snowflake being received by mail. Now, nearly a year after the birth of The Snowflake I have moved to Paris, France, the city of lights. A curious raven swooped down to perch on the railing of my balcony, peeking through my window just as I was having an inspiring conversation with a friend who was helping me in my quest to find a publisher—and again the next day, during our second conversation, the raven, my new friend, arrived as if on cue! It was not happenstance, for since I have lived here in Paris, working in this same room, gazing out at this balcony as I engage joyously in my writing work, only in those two instances have I seen a raven anywhere near. These are just two of many synchronicities, and with each I have recognized I have no wiser choice than to attend to the presence and life of the world around me. To hear the message it is bringing, in its whispers to my heart and soul: write, write, write these stories.

During a walk through an enchanted forest a wee bit north of Paris, I was strongly inspired by an idea to create a complete series of stories, one for each of the original characters present in The Snowflake. My vision was to create a sacred geometric structure of seven stories that themselves form a crystalline shape of a snowflake, the Snowflake’s story at its center. Each character’s story would have a connection to and share common passages with the central story as well as with its two neighboring stories. The whole would in essence be a Mother Nature Healing series. This series calls me, and it seems has been calling to me since time immemorial to put it to paper and make available its immense, shiver-inducing, healing, and transmutative powers to every heart beating in tune with our Mother Earth. I bow in awe, and accept this calling with unassuming passionate dedication. It is a journey which is bringing me ever more deeply into connection with all that is! Aho.

The snowflake drifts away from the cloud.

She doesn’t know where she is going

as she is falling down among her sisters.

She is very curious and just a little scared.

The wind starts to blow.

He whisks the snowflake away,

and she is alone and lost.

"Dear wind, hello!

Where are you taking me?

I want to travel with my sisters, you know?"

(an excerpt)

(spring 2019)

The Cloud

"A storm is coming!

A huge, devastating storm!"

they are yelling in horror.

The cloud herself

is terrified to no end.

"I am a monster!"

she thinks.

Her heart is in pain,

throbbing with sadness

that she can no longer contain.

(an excerpt)

(fall 2019)

The Wind

The wind opens up

and looks into his heart.

What he sees there

is beyond any description!

He truly sees who he is

for the first time in his life!

And he is magnificent,

invaluable indeed.

Just like his Father,

just like everybody

and everything else—

all of existence

so perfect indeed!

(an excerpt)