my passion: writing

I am a poet, author and translator from Slovenia. Before I dusted off my secret sage boots and donned the spiritual hood of a spiritual teacher and healer, I studied at the University of Ljubljana and worked as a professional in computer programming. My work includes adult memoir and speculative fiction novels, YA fantasy, children’s picture books, lyric poetry, and spiritual affirmations. I'm a husband and father and am fascinated by metamorphic and igneous rocks, the sentience of nature and the intelligent cosmos, hiking in the Julian Alps, and watching my three kids grow up climbing apple trees and casting good spells into seven directions. My commitment to humanity’s collective growth as a species is woven as a bright thread through the tapestry of my work. I love to play ancient alchemist by offering readers word potions to transport them to visionary destinations and paint possibilities of harmony in personal and planetary spheres.

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"Borut Lesjak is a force of nature, and his unflinching, radical commitment to healing, growth and the transformative power of love is brought to life in The Snowflake, a gentle tale about the journey towards union and the magic of harmony with the wild world."

Sarabi Berti, author of The Helix Library Mythos

"Borut Lesjak brings to us a diverse creative palette whose range spans children’s tales steeped in wonder and our sense of place and purpose in life, to speculative fiction bound to carry the reader into bold new worlds within their imagination and their own hearts. Borut writes with passion, joy, and a dedication to writing as an artistic medium that can be a bridge to exploring our connection to life, each other, our earth, and the healing that may arise from opening to new awareness of self. His work arrives from a wisdom some might say is beyond our usual perception, while others, even the author himself, might say can be found within each of our innermost selves. He partners with his curiosity, imagination, breadth of knowledge, and ever-expanding study of the craft of writing to bring us engaging characters and stories that may well live on widely in the lives they touch."

River Lark Madison, healer, musician, writer/editor