no time to plan your vacation?

use this peer-to-peer vacation consignment site as your helper & side hustle too!

Hello Friends & Family,

Thank you for listening to Josh and I over the past few months talk about Borrowed Vacations!

Finally it's come to life - our peer to peer vacation plan sharing website. You will be our first visitors.

Our goals are simple: make memories, keep memories, share those memories with friends and family.

This is a site for you to describe how your last vacation was, and we will remarket your pictures, videos, audio, mapped details for consignment to more friends and family.

What's coming up next: further building out the YouTube channel, Facebook page, Pinterest page, Instagram, getting a Shutterstock account, guest speakers, travel tips, etc.

We wish for you all to use this as your side hustle / side gig / scrapbooking / work from home or afar thing too!

Since this is still the beginning, you can get in on the 'ground floor' - to keep our balance crafting this, we are asking for you to share any / all suggestions via the Contact Us page.

We're going to be planning a kick off party to celebrate too, so you can come see the 'Borrowed Vacation Cottage'! Subscribe via the site to stay tuned for that shindig.

Thank you!

Love Josh & Leslie

august 2017

july 2017