Matchbook/Matchcover collecting themes

I collect matchbooks/matchcovers, primarily from any of these categories:

  • Matchbooks with Long Island addresses (NY City is OK too but lower priority)

  • Sports-themed matchbooks, particularly baseball and football. These could be 1930s Diamond Match player matchbooks or more recent matchbooks with team logos, schedules, etc. Individual player restaurants are also welcome. I have from Joe DiMaggio and Bill Zuber's restaurants; one I'd be particularly interested in is Don Mattingly's restaurant in Indiana. Other ballplayers with restaurant or other business matchbooks out there include Mickey Mantle (in OK and NY), Johnny Bench, Don Drysdale, Freddie Fitzsimmons, Sid Luckman, Stan Musial, Joe Namath, Lefty O'Doul, Walter Payton, Ron Perranoski, Del Rice, Pete Rose, Al Schacht, Rusty Staub, Joe Theismann, Johnny Unitas, Lon Warneke, Harry Caray, Mike Ditka, many more . . ,

  • Matchoramas or any other matchbooks with full-color photography

  • National brands, particularly defunct businesses and old logos. Soda (especially Pepsi), Supermarket, Department Store, Gas & Oil, etc etc

  • Media - movies, TV, radio etc

  • Political or other themes of historical interest