With the rise of companies and individuals embracing cryptocurrencies creating a new distribution of wealth especially in Malaysia, there seem to be a lack of understanding as to how to find a legitimate investment or how to start getting into this hype.

BORNEO BLOCKCHAIN would answer your questions at its core ! Bringing you experts from the field of Development of a blockchain all the way to tackling questions like "Is Trading more profitable then Mining ?" or even the no.1 question ... "Is this ICO for real ?"

The Summit is a two day event (Day 1 as Main Event, Day 2 is optional for networking session) that focuses to bring forth blockchain educational content to the public. We realized that there has not been a proper blockchain conference done yet in Borneo.

Other blockchain events were organized by a lot of MLM companies in the past, trying to promote "investment opportunities" hence the focus on Borneo Blockchain is creating awareness and understanding of the technology to integrate blockchain for good governance, and more importantly how the use of blockchain can impact your business and your daily lives.

We showcase know-how, trends and updates in the world of BlockChain through established speakers in the blockchain space from around South East Asia.

What topics will be discussed ?

Here is our agenda for the event. We anticipate that a lot of the people heading to the conference are none technical, so we kept the topics easy to understand and structured the event to ensure that everyone takes away knowledge that they would be able to spread to their friends and family and even to their colleagues.

PLease take note that This Is not an investment Opportunity event or an event to promote or support any specific COin/ICO.

Borneo Blockchain Summit is an Educational Event On the topics of Blockchain.