Memorial Service for Elin and New Year's The extended family gathered in Colorado Springs on December 28th for a memorial service and celebration of Elin's life. Marcy and Julie planned the service and John organized some readings from Elin's writings. It was a poignant, bitter-sweet time as we acknowledged the lasting influences Elin will have on us all - especially her persistence to do the right thing, to never give up on anything.

Christmas 2005 We celebrated Christmas for the first time on Orcas. Noah, Natasha, Morgan, and Opal Anne came up a few days before, followed by Jenny, and then our friend Rita. Yvonne and James made cookies, James made French onion soup, and Yvonne, James, Natasha, and Jenny made Christmas dinner. Noah, Morgan, and John made a run to the transfer station and Exchange and then to Cascade Lake for some outdoor fun. After a quiet Christmas morning opening presents, we all had a long walk down Deer Harbor Road . The weather was mild and not too wet. It was wonderful to be together but we missed Eric, Kristin, and Jackson - who were in La Jolla. Rita and Jenny had to go back to work. Tuesday the rest of us drove down to SeaTac for a flight to Denver and drive to Colorado Springs to attend Elin's memorial service.

Thanksgiving Road Trip 2005 And what a trip. To Harstine to see N,N, M, & O. Then Los Osos and SLO with E, K, & J. On to HB to help with the move from house to condo. Then to La Jolla to enjoy Thanksgiving with Bob and Diane and E, K, & J. Had lunch with Ron (and his grandson Raphael) and his friend Tami (and her son Jeff). Then north to Vacaville to see Heathyr and Krystal and Heather's friend Ray. Then up to Seattle to stay with Jeni on Queen Anne Hill and then to Bellingham for Noah's book reading. What a trip! 3126 miles in all.

Elin moves into assisted living After six months in an independent living facility, it became appropriate in October for Elin to upgrade to assisted living. Marcy and Julie made the arrangements and John had a chance to visit in early November. Elin and her three children had a very nice time together. Elin enjoys her new quarters, with its view of the Peak and a considerate and helpful staff.

Jeni moves into her new apartment Jen's now on Queen Anne and we had a chance to help her get set up. IKEA had a sale so Jen got some book cases, a dresser, and such that we could assemble. Rita came over Saturday night and she and Jen flapped off to some Halloween parties. We're very happy Jen is back in Seattle.

Jackson - Halloween Happy Halloween Everyone! Having too much fun with our little 6 month old. Jackson is having a blast in his walker and jolly jumper these days. He ‘talks’ quite a bit, especially to his Grammy Z and Auntie LoLo…Sitting up and still on the verge of crawling … watch out. Boo! Kristin

Phoebe and Alan's Wedding : The Official Pictures

Julie sent two CDs with the pictures Billy took at P&A's September 24th wedding and they're now available in this album. A lovely bride, handsome groom, and much love and good feeling all around.

Jackson - October 2005 Hi Grandparents, Family and Friends, Just a quick update. Jackson is a little over 5 months, and really starting to come into his own. He smiles, laughs, baby babbles, screams with joy (and when he is mad), rolls around, sits up, but still falls over at times, and eats three solid (baby food) meals a day. His favorite food is bananas. He loves being out and about in his stroller and baby bjorn. Laughs at his dogs, Katie and Marcel. And puts up with his Mom and Dad driving him up and down the highway....what a trooper. Eric and I love every minute of Jackson, especially when he grants us a full 8 hours sleep ;) Hugs, Kristin

Phoebe and Alan Get Married On September 24th at Shove Chapel on the Colorado College Campus in the Springs, Phoebe and Alan tied the knot and treated all of us to a wonderful party. The evening before Alan's mother Kiki hosted a party at her house. After the reception Phoebe and Alan headed to Las Vegas for a few days of relaxation. The weather was perfect, the bride beautiful, and love pervasive. Congratulations to Phoebe and Alan!

Comfort Food: A Novel Publication Party Noah and Natasha hosted a publication party for Noah's novel and family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues came from as far away as Colorado. And Noah sold 41 autographed copies at the end of the party. If you don't have your copy yet you can order it through Amazon.com or from noahashenhurst.com.

September Road Trip We stopped in Ellensburg (see below), then Burnt Ridge cemetary near Moscow Idaho (see below), arriving in Colorado Springs for Phoebe and Alan's wedding (see above) and a chance to visit to family and friends. We helped Jen pack her car and filled our van for her move back to Seattle. We chanted up the sun with our Boulder friends and stopped on Harstine Island for Noah's publication party (above). A big trip.

Burnt Ridge Cemetery Opal Dragstedt La Tour grew up on a farm on Burnt Ridge, in the gently rolling hills of western Idaho near Troy (and Moscow), part of the Palouse Empire - fertile lentil bean and wheat country. Hill tops retain their fir and pine caps. Arroyos fall away sometimes precipitously - always leading to the Snake River. Opal said it was a wonderful place to be a child.

Julie, Elin, and Kate Yvonne's childhood friend, Julie, and her daughters live in Ellensburg, in central Washington, on the east side of the mountains. Julie has a dozen home improvement projects going in her house and yard. One, an elegant tool shed recently arrived in her back yard. Her daughters are beautiful and gracious. And Julie treated us to lunch and homemade rhubarb pie.

Comfort Food, A Novel Noah has written and published his first novel - called "Comfort Food." Yvonne, a discriminating reader, wrote the first review and gave it "Three thumbs up, way up!" Amazon says the novel centers on "A romantic academic, a self-assured young writer, an enigmatic musician, a slacker, a wealthy mountain climber, and a former heroin addict – characters whose lives intersect in the unique debut novel Comfort Food." You can find out more about it at Amazon.com and also at noahashenhurst.com. I recommend it highly (JA)

The Decks Project Last April Yvonne and John got the idea that the east side of the house needed something. It was too bland and massive. So they hatched a garden rearrangement and deck building project - which got under way in May and was finished in September. Yvonne did all the gardening work and John the decks, doors, and stairs. It turned out pretty well and it was great fun to work outside.

Mid September on Harstine John attended a library conference in Olympia and so he and Yvonne stayed with N, N , M, and O on Harstine. Opal was her usual charming self and Morgan Mister Energy.

September and James Before James left for school we had lots of time together and some fun conversations about his world. Rita now lives in Seattle. Katie drove out with her from Boulder and we had a chance to get together for dinner. And Paul, Jen's good friend, came along as well. Paul helped Rita find a place to live - and Rita now has a job too!

Yvonne's Flower Arrangements Each September Orcas hosts a chamber music festival and Yvonne was instrumental in creating lovely floral arrangements to grace the Orcas Center where some of the events were held.

Labor Day in HB Diane and Bob visited Jackson in HB and incidentally found time to say hello to Kristin and Eric as well. Jackson continues to grow like a weed and is in the top size percentiles for his age. A mellow little guy, he likes spending time with grandma and grandpa.

Borgfest 2005 What fun! Yvonne reported, quite seriously, that the week was the best of her life, so far. James was already home. Noah, Natasha, Morgan and Opal came up Friday on the same ferry with Eric, Kristin, and Jackson. In fact, in Borgian fashion, the A's car pulled up directly behind the M's car in the ferry line at the Anacortes. James drove to SeaTac Saturday to pick up Jen, coming in from Denver. What all did we do? Lots of great meals by Yvonne and James cooked Thai food Wednesday night. We had Richard and Maggie over Monday night for dinner.

Tres Amigas Yvonne, Julie, and Kathy got together to visit and laugh and attend a 60s reunion at their high school. Julie came to the Island beforehand so John had a chance to visit with her as well.

Matt and Lindsay's Wedding Jen represented our contingent to Lindsay and Matt's lovely wedding in the Springs in early August. It was a great party and everyone had a wonderful time. Aelias and Alana participated in the ceremony and looked quite elegant. The young couple then headed to Mexico for their honeymoon.

James and Emily James spent June and July in SoCal with his classmate Emily and her parents while they both earned money as interns at an Internet incubator business. In early August they drove up, stopping on Harstine. Emily flew back to SoCal to finsih the summer with some fun

August 2005 Random pictures that don't show up in the other August albums

Boulder friends visit Orcas Alan & Tessa, Dave & Ann visited late in July. We missed Dean & Barb. We had a wondeful time visting, eating, boating, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, swimming, planning, and catching up. Everyone was fascinated watching the swallows develop rapidly in the nest on our front porch and then leave the nest. Dear friends - what a treasure.

Morgan and Opal in July Hello! Here are a few photos of Opal and Morgan and a quick update. Last week we returned from a 10 day trip to Colorado. We had a great visit with Jill and Lou in Boulder and with Heather, Don and Olivia at their house near the Wyoming/Colorado border. Jenny joined us for an evening and Noah was able to experience first-hand her great acupuncture skills. We were able to have Madelyn join us for the week which was wonderful. There was horseback riding, water fun and a lot of good food. On our return home Opal was moved out of our bedroom into her own newly remodeled room. She seems to like it just fine. Before we left for our trip Noah worked hard to install a chair rail and bamboo flooring into what was our old office. He even painted the whole thing lavender only to have me go in and completely re-paint on a whim. Opal wanted pink and green! Opal is rolling over easily and can get into the crawl position, but isn't quite sure what to do next. So far she just rolls to get to what she wants. She is now eating rice cereal after refusing for a month (we gave up trying until she was six months old.) She is such a happy baby. We put her in a backpack now and everywhere we go people are smiling up at her as she is grinning ear to ear and delighted with everything she sees. Morgan is as busy as ever. He is thrilled that a Big Toy was recently installed at the neighboring family camp and they gave him permission to use it whenever he wants. His other favorites this summer have been daily visits to the beach to find gooeyduck holes that will squirt water and sitting on the neighbor's John Deere tractor and pretending that he is a big time construction guy. He also composes songs in his guitar, tonight it was a great tune in honor of his dad involving nose hair and a chimney sweep. Summer is flying by and we hate to see the school year approach. Lots of love, Natasha

Jackson at 3 months Hi Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends! Jackson turns 3 months tomorrow, man how time flies. As many of you know he just got back from a whirlwind tour of the East Coast, he was a great traveler, not one fuss on the plane.He's smiling and cooing regularly, and rolls over on his side with no problem. He weighs 16.5 pounds (yes, dad we finally got a scale ;) We are still waiting for the little guy to give us eight hours of sleep, hope that comes soon ;) Loving each and every minute with him. Hugs, Kristin

Four Swallows do a summer make A pair of swallows decided to build a mud and grass nest on a window frame on our front porch. We tried to discourage them but they persisted and we let them be - and photographed the amazing process of nest to four eggs to hatchlings to swallows to training flights to abandoning the nest - which has now been removed from the premises. The whole process took about five weeks - incredible

July doings Fourth of July Parade - Library, Dems, Pink for Peace, Camano Rendezvous on Thetis Island, Unitarian Fellowship picnic potluck on our lawn, Richard and Maggie trip to Sucia Island with some kayaking, Friday Harbor visit

Jackson at 8 weeks Hi Everyone- Well I am just passing the 8 week mark. I went to the Doctor this past Thursday for a check up and immunizations. I am tipping the scales at 13 pounds and I am 2 feet tall, wow! As you know I am a very easy baby, however Mom and Dad are still waiting for me to sleep through the night ;) Three weeks ago I was in San Luis Obispo for graduation. I got to meet and hang out with Jenna, Carina and Abe’s cutie pie daughter. I think Jenna will show me the ropes as I continue to grow up. Last weekend was my Daddy’s first father’s day. Grammy and Grandpa Z came up from San Diego to celebrate. We had a nice day BBQing, relaxing and of course watching the US Open. This past weekend we went to Santa Barbara, Mom and Dad sure do keep me on the go. I got to hang by the pool and go out to dinner with Todd and Kachina, who just got engaged, yeah! Daddy and I also sent Mom on a surprise day at the spa, she needed it! Of course I have attached some most recent pictures. Hugs, Jackson

Portland and Cannon Beach We met Loren and Janelle in Portland, toured the Rose Test Garden, Japanese Garden, waterfront, Chinese Garden, Leach Botanical Garden and then drove to Astoria and stopped at Fort Clatsop, of Lewis and Clark fame. Then on to Cannon Beach and the nearby Ecola and Oswald West State Parks, with a side trip to Tillamook and its cheese factory. The Oregon coast is spectacular.

Late June on Harstine Island Coming and going from Oregon we stopped to see Noah, Natasha, Morgan, and Opal. On the way down we detoured to Port Gamble near the Hood Canal Bridge. Samantha stayed with her doggy cousins while we went on to Oregon. Getting more rain than Orcas, Harstine Island is particularly green in the early summer. Opal now rolls front to back and grandma put her to bed one evening.

Jackson at 5 Weeks Hi Everyone, Believe it or not I am almost 5 weeks old! I weigh just over 9 pounds. I am starting to lift my head, and I am thinking about smiling. Recently I have been sleeping 4-5 hours in a row, Mommy really likes that ;) I like to go to lunch with Mom and Dad, and take my dogs on walks to the park and even go to the beach. I spend my days eating, sleeping, swinging and playing in my baby Einstein gym. Sometimes I let Mom work on the magazine and Dad plan his lectures. My favorite time of day is bath time though. Grammy Z has been up twice to help out while Dad has been up at SLO. I love my Grammy very much. I also miss my Grandma Bon though…… Last weekend I made my first road trip to Grammy and Grandpa’s house in San Diego. Grammy and Grandpa babysat one night so Mom and Dad could go out on a date, I behaved myself for the most part ;) I started to watch sports with Grandpa, Go Padres! I promise to be better about keeping more pictures coming. Aren’t I cute! Loves and Hugs,

Memorial Day 2005 Noah, Natasha, Morgan, and Opal came up to the Island - and Corrina and her friends Julie and Tessa stopped by after driving from Pennsylvania. We enjoyed the Pet Parade, Taste of Orcas, Yvonne's great meals, a cruise to Stuart Island, and the Centennial Celebration for the Deer Harbor Community Club/schoolhouse. Warm and sunny. Lots of conversation and play. Wonderful!

May on Harstine We stopped on Harstine Island on our drive back from HB. Opal is twice her birth weight and cute as a button. We had a wonderful beach nature walk with Morgan. John helped Noah stack firewood. Yvonne got to take care of Opal and walk with Morgan. Natasha manages Morgan and Opal, her large garden, and is looking at doing a community Website. Noah plans to publish Comfort Food, A Novel, in October.

Jackson's First 10 Days Jackson is attended to by a large staff: Parents, grandparents, and dog pack. He learns to nurse, has his first pediatrician visit, and his first bath. Lots of attention from local paparazzi who utterly refuse to respect his privacy. Jackson is getting into a routine - including sleeping most of the night. Kristin slips easily into her mom role. Yvonne cooks and helps out. Eric helps with Jackson and works in the yard. John takes pictures and fiddles with this Website. Bob and Diane visit Jackson twice. Ron, Jessie, Kim, and Raphael visit. Tracy, her mom, Joe, and Nicole drop by. Busy, wonderful time

Here Comes Jackson! Jackson William Mehiel, 7lbs, 7ozs, 20 inches long, was born Thursday, April 28th about 9:30 a.m. Jackson, Kristin, and Eric are doing well and everyone is now home. Jackson is sleeping well and doesn't fuss much so far. Bob and Diane came up from La Jolla Wednesday night and were nearby for the birth. John and Yvonne appeared Sunday morning after driving down from the island.

First overnight cruise of the year Gumption gets a checkup, new zincs, and a bottom paint touch up and we head to Sydney, BC to clean up the boat, do a little shopping, and celebrate John's 62nd birthday. Lovely time. We encounter dense fog on Haro Strait returning home. We use radar and GPS and Yvonne looks for freighters bearing down on us. A bit nervous making - but no problems.

Splish, Splash we were takin' a bath Opal turned three months old yesterday and to celebrate she laughed for the first time. Attached is a picture of our bathing beauties. Enjoy. N

Ready for Jackson This weekend we have been busy getting ready for Jackson’s arrival . Eric put the finishing touches on the crib and I got the nursery put away for the most part. My Mom and Dad came up and we got some last minute items at Baby R Us, while ‘Bob’ helped to mow the lawn and put the pack and play together. We did get to spend some time with friends and had a great walk on the beach with the dogs this morning. We have been practicing our Lamaze breathing, so hopefully that will come in handy. I am still working away, my energy level is good, so hopefully it will keep up. This week is a big week for us, lots of deals coming through and cocktails parties to attend. Eric just got into the car to drive back to SLO. I have attached some pictures of the nursery, the beautiful crib that Eric built, and photos from the winter in HB, plus photos from Eric’s most recent bike race. Kristin

Kör med Kör visits Orcas In mid-April, 66 members of the Swedish choir, Kör med Kör from Karlstadt visited Orcas to perform with the Orcas A Capella Singers. Five Swedish young men stayed with us (when not drifting over to a nearby cottage where six flickas were housed). We had a wonderful time talking about Sweden and America and listening to their music. What terrific young people! Find out more about Kör med Kör at www.cmb.nu/cmb/

Morgan and Opal Travel to Colorado for a Big Visit Hello! We are back from our Colorado adventure. Here are some photos for borgfam.org. We spent the first half of the week at Heather and Don's Mountain House (as Olivia calls it). They have a large, beautiful, house located on 40 acres near Red Feather Lakes, about five miles from the Wyoming border. Mom, Opal, Morgan and I first saw it as the sun was setting on Saturday night. The rock formations and the mountain range in the background were amazing. There are not any trees on their property, but quite a few on the neighboring ranches. Heather doesn't mind not having trees as they tend to be hangouts for bears, coyotes, mountain lions etc. and the rock formations are home to the rattle snakes. It can get windy up there, and we were delighted by a lightening storm that came in on Monday night. The wind screamed and the house rattled. Morgan loved helping Heather feed and brush the horses, until we realized that he is allergic to horses. His eyes became red and swollen almost immediately. He was devastated that he couldn't go for a ride. I promised that we would seek out an allergy specialist who can fix us up with some good medicine for our next trip. On Tuesday Mom, Olivia, Opal, Morgan and I drove 2 1/2 hours to Douglas Wyoming to meet Amanda, Madelyn, and Amanda's sister Tamatha and her two kids Isabella and Gabriella. (Heather wasn't able to join us as she had to fly to San Jose for a business meeting on Monday night and didn't return until dinner on Tuesday.) Amanda and Madelyn live in Sheridan but agreed to split the 5 hour drive in half and that is how we ended up in Douglas Wyoming. We had a wonderful reunion with Madelyn and Amanda. The kids were shy with each other at first, but soon screams of delight erupted and it was as if they had never been apart. We spent about three hours there, then drove back to the Mountain House. Heather and Don hosted a BBQ while we were there and were able to meet some friends and neighbors and have our first taste of Elk meat. It was quite good. On Wednesday I drove Mom to the airport, then we headed into Boulder for the second half of our trip. Heather and Olivia stayed at Jill and Lou's with us to extend our visiting. Olivia and Morgan play hard together. There were a lot of screams of "chase me!" and games of hide and seek. The highlights of our visit to Boulder were a trip to the scoop park (a wonderful park that has an excavation toy that Morgan looks forward to playing with every year), eating at our favorite restaurants and a cocktail party that Heather and I hosted for friends. Jenny threw a great luncheon on Friday with Elin, Marcy, Julie, Kiki, Tessa, Ann and Barb in attendance. Opal was lavished with attention and praise. She is pretty cute. Jenny served a wonderful meal of gazpacho, tortellini salad, red wine and a wonderful fruit bouquet for dessert. Morgan wasn't able to attend because the poor little guy came down with the stomach flu on Thursday night and vomited every hour all night long. He was so sad to miss the party, so I kept calling it a meeting so he wouldn't feel too left out. The weather was great on the trip but it appears that we just missed a storm that was rolling into town on Saturday threatening two feet of snow. It was quite an adventure to get to the airport with the two kids, two car seats, a diaper bag, back pack and huge duffel by myself, but it worked out fine. (Jill had offered to help, but I had to return a rental car and I didn't want her to have to take the bus back.) I put Morgan in an umbrella stroller and Opal in the Baby Bjorn. Everywhere we went were helpful individuals (I dolled out lots of cash) and so our return trip was fine. Morgan was still feeling pretty miserable, but he ended up sleeping on the plane. Opal slept as well. Both kids are great travelers. It is nice to be home. Everyone slept great last night. Today Morgan has all his favorite toys out and is feeling strengthened by his pancakes with maple syrup breakfast. P.S. Opal had her two month well child check two weeks ago. She is now 11 pounds and 22 inches long. Both 43 percentile for height and weight. The doctor said she looks great. N, N, M, and O

Jenny and Kiki In March Jenny moved from Denver to share Kiki's townhouse. Jenny is now close to where she works part-time and commutes to Chinese Medicine school in Denver. Jenny and Kiki have been partners in crime for 20 years or so. Yvonne had a great time staying with them for a few days - sharing little known stories. Kiki handles the advertising for a very successful Colorado wedding resource guide that is published twice a year. Jenny recently bought a cello through eBay and played us some notes. A good move altogether.

Elin's Big Move and Easter 2005 After 27 years living in a townhouse in Colorado Springs - the last 10 years by herself - Elin, at 88, decided she was done with cooking, cleaning, driving, and being alone, so she signed up to live with about 100 other seniors in a wonderful facility in Colorado Springs that provides lovely apartments, good food, and lots of activities. The move went without a hitch - all in one day - well organized by Julie and Marcy. And we had Easter dinner at Julie's, saw Phobe and Alan's house, and had dinner at Marcy and Paul's

Our Thirteenth Chimayo Pilgrimage Yvonne's brother Ron, Alison and her friend Harold joined the stalwart eight for an abbreviated walk in rain, sleet, and wind. But we didn't notice because of the warmth of the group - generated by walking. Walking for family, friends, strangers suffering. Wondering how to witness our faith in the Human, this world project. Alan showed slides of Senegal - where Alison spent seven months as an anthropologist.

From Noah and Natasha: Opal Anne is 2 months old today. She is doing great. This past week she has started sleeping for a nice 8 hour stretch at night. I can't tell you how happy this makes us! Despite her long sleeping stretch at night she is packing on the pounds and now has a nice double chin. She is a cheerful chunk! Morgan dotes on his little sister and loves to hang out with her on the living room floor, reading his books or playing with his trains right by her. She loves to hear his voice and enjoys his "big hugs." We have, of course, hundreds of other pictures, but will only make you view the one attached. Enjoy.

Spring Vacation 2005 James came home for his spring vacation and enjoyed the peace and quiet - at least for a while. Saturday we hiked up Orcas Knob and enjoyed the view. Thursday we headed for Harstine Island and spent the weekend with Noah, Natasha, Morgan, and baby Opal Anne. It was James first opportunity to meet and hold his new niece.

Winter at Princeton 2005 Here are pictures taken by James during the cold month of February. Rita came to visit for a long weekend, bringing much fun with her. She, James, Emily, and Teddy took a trip to NYC to see the sights. Later, they spent a night having fun, Princeton style, in Colonial eating club. Almost all of James' close friends who he has gotten to know over the semester are pictured here.

February 2005 The joys of heating with wood, the Washington and Oregon Coasts, Harstine Island and an update on Opal Anne, and a field trip to Tacoma with Morgan. February has been remarkably sunny in the Northwest - with all the rain going south to California. The daffodils are flowering and I had to mow the lawn. Spring is here on Orcas. Opal Anne is gaining weight quickly and increasingly alert to her surroundings and a good sleeper. Morgan is a pleasure to take on field trips. Noah and Natasha are tired out and wonder how parents have managed all these generations.

James at home on the East Coast James is enjoying his life on the East Coast. He takes the train into The City (New York) often from Princeton. He sent back some pictures from his adventures with friends - Emily and Teddy - and Paul and Yvon - from Princeton, NYC, and Connecticut. Contrast his visit to Teddy's country house (left) with Eric and Krisitin in California (below).

Eric and Kristin Tour the Wine Country with Mindy and Jim Eric sent these pictures along - Mindy (Eric's grad school colleague) and her husband Jim visited Eric and Kristin in San Luis Obispo where Eric teaches Orbital Mechanics at Cal Poly. They visited some nearby wineries and horseries. Remember this was January. Look at the pictures and see if you don't feel sorry for how they suffer in winter in California. Jackson is contained in the picture to the right but not visible and is expected to make an appearance in May. Stay tuned....

Morgan's Fourth Birthday and Opal says hello We met Opal Anne and celebrated Morgan's fourth birthday. Opal is beautiful and very content - mostly eating and sleeping with very little complaining. John and Yvonne took care of Morgan during the day Thursday and Friday while Natasha had some quiet time with her new daughter. Friday night Jill and Lou appeared - from Colorado - and with Jan and her friend Terri and Natasha's friend Kristin and her daughter, we celebrated Morgan's birthday on Saturday. What a wonderful time!

Big Brother Morgan holding his new sister Opal Anne Natasha says Opal is a good sleeper and Morgan said today (1/23/05) that's he's so glad that she was born. We'll post more pictures after we visit Harstine Island for Morgan's Fourth Birthday.

Opal Anne Dear Family and Friends. Here is a picture of our new darlin' Opal Anne. She is even cuter in person. Mom and baby are well and resting. Love, Noah and Natasha Birth Statistics Weight: 6 pounds and 14.4 ounces Length: 20 inches Time: 12:01 am Date: Thursday, January 20, 2005 Wonderful!!!!!!! More pictures and news coming soon...

Pictures from Sweden Anne and Peter sent a photo of Johan with his daughter Selma and Rolf sent pictures of the flag pole he repaired as well as his niece and nephew and his dog Max. I scanned the pictures and then added them here. We hope we'll get some more pictures to put on the site.

Cold January 2005 It was really winter! In the 20s, snowy, roads icy - they don't plow here. After two weeks in the house we got cabin fever - and then the weather broke, the temperature rose into the 50s and it started to rain - a lot. Even with the snow, the daffodils are showing themselves and many of Yvonne's green plants are flowering.