Vendor Guidelines

The Borderlands Comic Book Show started as a one day dealer to dealer swap meet that has morphed into a small-town comic book and toy show. As such, the show is family friendly. Since the event is small, we try to have as few for vendors as possible. Our main rule is this: be kind to your neighbor and expect the same thing in return. If you have a little extra room and your neighbor needs it, please share. Below are the details for the day of the show for now (subject to change based on arising situations):

  • Load in can begin by 7AM. Possibly earlier. Message me. I try to be onsite as early as possible.
  • The facility has a tile floor. Please make sure that any backdrops or shelving you use will not scratch the floor.
  • The facility asks that nothing be placed on the walls with tape, nails, tacks, or anything else that might damage the paint or finish.
  • There should be no display of any adult-oriented materials.
  • Any costumes worn should be in keeping with the family friendly atmosphere of the show. Please, no revealing or suggestive costumes.
  • ......