BrELT On The Road

Brasília - 7 September 2019

It's that time of the year again...

It's time for teachers to work towards the collective development of the Brazilian ELT community.

It's time for teachers to embrace their education as an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

It's time for teachers to be part of a non-judgmental safe zone where they can constantly plan, evaluate, change and improve their careers.

It's time for teachers to join forces in advocating for teaching development practices that provoke, intrigue and invite ELT professionals to reflect upon their own pedagogies.

Best from the past




It's a great honor for us to have Jeremy Harmer as one of our plenary speakers. Jeremy is a writer of books in the field of ELT which include methodology titles, course materials, and learner literature, and a teacher trainer, musician and conference speaker.

Jeremy is the online tutor for the MATESOL at The New School, New York. It's worth mentioning that two of the most interesting books Jeremy has written and have been extremely important for the development of many teachers are The Practice of English Language Teaching and Essential Teacher Knowledge.

first time speaker

Mentoring program

If you have never given a talk at a teaching conference, we can help you advance your teaching career! If your proposal is approved, our very special team will provide you with the necessary tools and abilities for you to deliver an interesting and engaging talk.

All you have to do is to choose a topic, research about it and send us your proposal!

Networking at its best

Find your tribe! Meet friends. Make new ones. Learn from/with everyone!

Our events are known not only for their profound sense of collaboration and joy in learning, but also because they bring about a relaxed friendly environment during breaks.

Pecha Kuchas

AKA the most lively moment of the day!

Dynamic. Breathtaking. Encouraging. Thought-provoking. Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions!

Live BrELT Chats

Just like our regular online chats, during our Live BrELT Chat everybody has a voice that will be listened to. Dynamic and enlightening, the list of topics will make you wish you could be at different places at the same time. Moderators are carefully selected to ensure engagement, participation and learning. You just can't miss it!

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BOR2019, an event organized by the BrELT team:

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