How To Boot Dell Laptop From USB

You need to boot a Dell laptop when it stops boot or starts automatically. Usually, users consider it hard to reset their devices when they stop responding but booting it via USB is one of the best options you can try. If none of the methods work, then you can take help from Dell Customer Service. In this article, you will find various ways to Boot Dell Laptop from a USB. So, without wasting much time, let us learn those ways and get back our Dell laptop in working condition.

Ways To Boot Dell Laptop From USB

Sometimes you need to make certain changes in the BIOS of your laptop to boot it using an external drive such as a USB. Hence, we will learn the method of doing so in method 2.

Method 1

  • First of all, you need to turn off the laptop.

  • Now, plug in the USB you have in the USB drive.

  • Now, turn on the laptop and press the “F12” key.

  • You will see a boot options screen on your display.

  • Here, you have to choose “USB drive” to start booting the system.

  • You might see the name of the USB you are using, so click on that.

  • If this doesn’t work, then you may need to unplug the USB drive.

  • After this, boot the Windows as you normally do.

  • Further, disable the “Fastboot” and save your changes.

  • Try to repeat the process and see if it works.

Method 2

  • Begin by rebooting or restarting the laptop.

  • When the splash screen displays, press the “F2” key.

  • This will open the BIOS of your Dell device.

  • Now, you have to change the following settings:

    • Secure Boot: Disabled

    • Load Legacy Option Rom: Enabled

    • Boot List Option: UEFI or Legacy (you may need to change one or both options)

  • Further, press the “F10” key to save the changes you have made to BIOS.

  • Now, you need to turn off your laptop and plug in the USB.

  • Following this, power on the laptop.

  • Press the “F12” key upon seeing the splash screen.

  • Finally, select the “USB” option or the name of your USB.

Wait for a few minutes until the booting process continues. To fix some minor issues with Dell devices, you may use Dell SupportAssist or Dell Command update.

To boot a Dell laptop from an external drive such as a USB cable, you need to follow a few simple steps and complete some of the on-screen prompts.