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Effective Ways to Boost Holiday Advertising

Christmas holidays are just around the corner. Since it is the season of shopping for gifts and other items, the marketers find it the great opportunity to earn huge revenues. But it can prove out to be easier said than done. Especially in the scenario of online marketing, most of the businesses use paid search option to get in front of the potential buyers. With that said, paid search starts behaving exactly like SEO in which the competitors need to do something exception in order to bring in valuable traffic.

Although you need to be working on the ways to promote your business during holidays by now, it’s never too late if you are yet to start. Thus, you can get some ideas from the below mentioned ways in order to ramp up your holiday marketing campaign.

Use ad extensions smartly

While your ad is the general way of providing people with the search result in Google, ad extension can serve as a way to tell something additional to the searchers.

When you want to add more links to your ad, you can use sitelink extension. This extension should be used only for the specific pages which allow the room for other relevant pages to be shown with them. Using this extension, you can also include pictures to elaborate your ad in a better way.

Callout extension is another feature to talk about. This extension can highlight delivery information. Hence, this extension can serve best when you are running a holiday advertising campaign.

The generic terms

When you build out generic terms for holiday advertising campaign, you can certainly have more opportunities to get your ad displayed among wide audience. Here are some examples for the New Year.

  • Gifts for age/boy/girl/child.
  • Toys for age/boy/girl/child.

Now, when you look at this option from the angle of holiday advertising, there are some more combinations that you can try to make your ad eligible to be shown in front of the holiday specific audience. For example:

Baby’s first Christmas.

  • Christmas toys, holiday toy stores, holiday toy shop.
  • Christmas gifts for her, best gifts for her, etc.

Work with the ad copy

This is pretty simple. You just need to target holidays in your ad in order to target the customers who want to do shopping for holidays. For instance:

  • Buy Today & Receive Before holidays
  • Shop Now For Stress-Free Holidays!

Remember, there would be a lot of people buying items for themselves. Hence, you will need to tune your ad copy in order to target that specific group as well.

Shopping campaigns

Since it is the holiday season and you are certainly going to show some special offers, make sure that you are doing it through merchant promotion option. This way, your ad in SERPs is going to tell the customers that you have some special offers for them. This way, they are definitely going to be convinced about your ad if they are looking for the special offers or deals.

Competitor’s Keyword Analysis for the Success in SEO

If you are running a business, you may have to look at your competitors at some point. This competition analysis helps you know about your strengths and weaknesses.

In digital world, the scenario is no different. If you are managing organic search ranking of your website, you may have to look at other business websites in your competition to see why they are ahead of your in certain areas. This competitor’s analysis primarily helps you avoid falling behind in the competition. Moreover, you get to see what’s working for them.

Things you need to work on while doing competitor’s keyword analysis

The type of competitor’s analysis you want to conduct mainly depends upon your goals. For instance, if you want to grow your backlink profile, you will need to perform a competitor’s link analysis. Working in this scenario, you will need to look at the top linked pages of your competitor’s website. This way, you will be able to identify the linkable assets they use. You will also be able to analyze their referring URLs to get an idea about the link building methods they use.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main points about performing competitor’s keyword analysis.

  • First, you will have to look at the keywords your competitors are ranking for and you are not. For this purpose, you can use a keyword research tool to find what keywords are ranking for any domain. You will also be able to compare those ranking keywords with other domains.
  • You will need to find the high-ranking content on the competitor’s website that doesn’t entirely match with the intent of the query. This point is very important because it involves an opportunity for you to create something which is going to match with the intent of the query. Typically, Google displays information which matches with the query in the best possible manner. And if you find out that the content on your competitor’s website doesn’t deserve to be ranked against the specific set of queries, you have certainly found an opportunity to create the content which is going to be preferred by Google and users.
  • You and your competitors may be competing to get your content against a specific query ranked. If things go in your favor, you can surely have a sigh of relief in terms of first milestone that you have got. Now you need to work on the improvement of content. However, you critically need to improve your content if it doesn’t win this race. For this purpose, you will need to perform a competitor’s analysis to get content ideas.

Competitor’s analysis is an important thing SEOs need to consider if they want to have success in their online marketing campaigns.