Virtual SAFE Center


Thank you for stopping by my Google Website. My name is Ms. Pinto, I am the SAFE Coordinator, and one of the School Counselors here at Boone High School. We are very excited to have you back for this year!

During overwhelming times in our lives, it is important to find ways to relax and cope. This virtual Calming Center was created for the students and families of Boone High School to easily access tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings. Enjoy and take some time to yourself.

Phone: 407-893-7298

I also work closely with our School-Based Social Worker! With signed consent, she is able to provide your Boone High School student with six weeks of counseling if needed, as well as many community resources you may need!

School-Based Social Worker: Laura Otero-Hernandez, MSW.

E-mail: Phone: 407-893-7200 ext: 6012288

For Appointments: