GO:61 Investigation

The GO:61 Investigation


Go:61 has announced they are dissolving their organization. One crooked charity gone, and I won't miss them a bit.


GO:61 has been active again, and after repackaging their damaged reputation they have tried to spread more misinformation. Things are about to get updated, and I will post it here. Updates coming this summer as I process and organize all the data.

In 2016, we had some upheaval with our local government and the way they used a poorly written law to restrict free speech. While this was warming up, the councilman in question promoted a local charity called GO:61. Within two days I was having lunch with someone to find out what they were about.

I was intrigued, and learned that this charity goes around and finds women and victims and... well, they say they do something but it's never very clear. The harder I looked, the stranger it became. Not only were we unable to find a single person who would say they had been assisted by this charity, their numbers were not adding up. Their claims became outrageous, and when some of the questions became more specific, the more outrageous the claims grew. Women could be "ordered up like pizzas" they claimed, while saying the numbers nearly doubled in a single month to six hundred women for sale in the Springfield area on any given day in September of 2015.

Meanwhile, the Springfield News-Leader ran a story saying a task force was being organized to address the lack of information. I began to try to verify any of GO:61's claims and was coming up blank. They ran an ad in the paper and formatted it so that it looked like a story, which was misleading and shady. This kind of misdirection didn't sit well with me, and I began to dig deeper.

Several stories began to come out, and none of them were good. Not one. According to Alvarez, she had abandoned an at risk child at a bus stop, stalked "loose" women to pray with them, and supposedly trespassed and walked in the valley of the shadow of death to find people to "save" with prayer and groceries. Nobody ever came forward to say they had been helped by GO:61 and I began searching in earnest. When I want to be, I'm a great networker. I put put all my favors and feelers, hoping to find one that I could talk to about being helped by this charity. I publicly challenged them to produce someone who would vouch for them. By this point I strongly suspected the reason was that nobody had been helped. Months later and we're still at zero who have stepped forward to claim having been saved by Alvarez and company.

There are a thousand reasons I do not trust GO:61. We found that they had used a bad address for the charity, and they neglected to provide paperwork that they should have made readily available to the public (according to the IRS). They declined interviews, even through email or conference calls to ensure their comfort and control over their environment. They hid at every turn, and I knew then that there was more to the story. I still wasn't prepared for what I would find.

An anonymous tip came in and I was able to independently verify that the email used to register GO:61.org was also used in some strange chat room conversations. I had already discovered Casey Alvarez's criminal past so I wasn't too surprised. Then I began to read it and some flashes of recognition started to go off. I had also just been given a video of Alvarez giving a passionate speech that made little sense, and then I read a little bit of her fiction that centered around sex slave fantasy, and I realized that was why she always looked so happy when she was making up statistics. She loved this as fiction and she had just found a way to take her fiction to the next level. Either that, or she was really planning on attending an auction for sex slaves to some for their home.

Avoiding working with law enforcement, using vigilante methods to harass women and the bible to redeem johns is a major problem. There is t the very least a huge liability risk. Several people spoke to me about being encouraged to carry guns, enough so that I filed it as a pattern instead of a stray tip.Supposedly these people were being brutally raped and tortured, only Casey Alvarez could find them because our local police had nothing, and we needed to send her money. Who wouldn't be suspicious of that?

Eventually, reports have come in because it is an important topic. All I ever wanted was for real research to take place so we could see if there was a problem and how we could best prevent it in this area. GO:61 was making profit, and also clouding the water with misinformation so badly researched that their own followers loved them despite of their failure.

"It has to do with Jesus, so it has to be okay," they said.

"Then they should be willing to show how they obtain and spend the funds," I said.

"Get off their back, at least they're doing something," they replied.

"Well, actually... I can't find that they are," I said.

"You're being a meanypants by putting your neck out there, to get a few stories from years ago."

"Yeah, but right after that, I found out they participate in a sex slave roleplay lifestyle, and have from around the time the children were taken away for child endangerment until right around the time GO:61 started up. Coincidence?"


At this point, I have opened up my investigation to include some other information. I plan to list major charities that are responsible and transparent, and educate the public about where they can invest their money and goodwill and feel confident it will be used wisely. Places that if they have questions, will rush to answer them and hand over information proactively if something looks a little off. Then sit back and let this task force work, hopefully with as little interference from Casey and Luis Alvarez as possible.

As for GO:61, I will continue to keep an eye on them and work the financial information they recently disclosed. I do not necessarily believe what they put (since not a single story has added up yet) and I will follow every lead until there are none, if that's what it takes. But there are lots of leads. However, I feel pretty great that the public is now asking the questions they should have all along, and with no better results. My inbox floods with people whose eyes have been opened and they realize they were trusting blindly. Now not only will GO:61 have a difficult time ever regaining public trust, but other shady charities might have a harder time tricking people. Those who follow them still, do so in absence of facts supporting why they should and despite a long list of reasons why they should be suspicious. I can't reach everyone, but I reached many and that makes me very happy.

It is nearly time to write my final articles, and then when I do I will publish my research book here, so the entire public can view what I found. Some conversations will have parts redacted to protect privacy, because the many people who helped me with information didn't ask to be part of this. I have a feeling we will be spending months investigating Casey Alvarez and her claims. The research book will be updated within a week or two of current.

My articles on GO:61 are not all out, but I will keep this list updated. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out via my site, or use my home page to link to my Facebook and message me.

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