I have been a writer as far back as I can remember. In kindergarten, I won a blue ribbon in a contest, and I was hooked. I was the youngest member of the Springfield Writer's Guild, and at fifteen I had my first small column in Springfield Parent Magazine. I wrote a monthly column from a teenager's point of view for parents to use as talking points, and it gave me the experience I needed to know this was my calling.

I began writing again in my twenties, and developed game content for RetroMUD, an online roleplaying game. I created areas for players to enjoy, to incredibly detail. My pride and joy was the lost city of Atlantis. From the city streets to every person walking it, down to the design on the teacup on a table, I designed it and had a blast. I now work in creative content, organizing and editing creative works created by other staff. I have seen the management of this team grow and use our skills to let us specialize and shine.

I got my first break writing content for the political blog Zandar Versus The Stupid. That led to writing for Imani Gandy at ABLC. I took a break from politics and sold some freelance to broaden my coverage. That led me to my gigs at Examiner.com, AXS Entertainment and CBS Local. Now that Examiner has closed and the CBS Local gig followed suit, I am focusing on local stories and trying to find my voice.

I am currently working towards my bachelor's in Communications. I have a fiction career on the side, but my focus has been on photography and journalism for a while. I took a journalism class to expand my English degree, and it changed me enough that I changed my major and career path. The more I work the better I become, and I have gotten a lot of rookie mistakes behind me. I hope to hit the journalism world full force in 2019, educated and with a body of work to show my growth and ability.

My love of journalism, photography and writing has everything to do with the people I meet. I record their stories, capture their face and spirit, and record that forever. People love to tell me their lives, and I love to listen. Many people don't realize how extraordinary they are. I love that my Facebook followers trust me and ask me to check things out for them. I research for giggles and love every minute of the writing process. I often set events downtown and just talk to people about what's on their mind. It is never boring, doing what I do. Each story just builds towards something great, and makes me a better Bon in the process, both as a writer and a human being.