Tip Jar

To cover Sunshine Law requests and expenses related to doing my work, I have put up a tip jar so folks can contribute. Here is how it works:

  • You click here and enter any amount of money that you want to give through PayPal. If you don't want to donate through PayPal we have to meet up so I can give you a receipt. Otherwise, the steps below don't change.
  • You get a receipt through PayPal and I enter the amount of your gift on a spreadsheet. I tell you what number you are so you can verify that your gift has been included in the total. You can expect "you are receipt # 1234 for $25.00" so you know your gift has been properly listed.
  • I then spend the money on Sunshine Law requests or other costs, and run it like a traditional ledger.
  • I include any documents that I acquire, and the emails that detail the cost, so the public knows how their money was used.

Any money not spent is held until the next need. Transparency at its best, simple and easy.

Cash Gifts

#0009 - the bill stating the amount can be viewed below.