I'm relatively new to photography. I took it as an elective, knowing it would enhance my work in journalism. But then I really began to enjoy it as a separate thing entirely. I am still reading and studying and practicing, and occasionally I get one right. I invested in my own DSLR camera and just took a hell of a lot of pictures until I found out what worked. I'm a computer geek at heart, so digging in to editing was no problem. I was also blessed to have a wonderful teacher who gave us a solid foundation of knowledge.

I have a few projects planned, and will be posting them here. Meanwhile, here is a sampling of my current favorites. I am always at events, and I plan to start sharing more of those on here as I start covering events in the summer of 2017. My love of journalism definitely shapes my eye. I'm always looking for the story, the instant you see the world change. The greatest thing is that I have acquired a new visual awareness, and I see so many things that I used to skip right past.

I accept that I'm going to go through phases as I find my way. Right now, I am really feeling street photography. It makes me think, look hard, and really get involved in the things around me. I unplug and when I look around the world is different. It's a hunt of sorts. I really love that moment of aha when you know you caught a good one. At this point, I'm glad it goes along with my writing, because it means I won't have to choose one over another.