Bonnie McLean

ˈbɒni məˈkleɪn



I am a PhD student in Linguistics at Uppsala University. My PhD project combines phylogenetic and experimental methods to explore the roles of iconicity (resemblance between form and meaning) in language change and evolution.

Before starting my PhD, I completed an Honours Degree in Linguistics at The Australian National University.

I specialise in the Japonic (Japanese and Ryukyuan) languages, but most of my research has a comparative perspective.

I have also been involved with the Australian languages Gamilaraay, Wayilwan, Warumungu, and Warlmanpa, as well as the Austroasiatic language Mundari, and am passionate about language learning and revitalisation.

In my spare time, I like cooking, and keep a log of good recipes I have tried on this blog.

You can find more information about my research on this website.