Rules for In-Game:


  • Badlion Client - Allowed
  • 5zig - Allowed
  • PvPLounge Client - Allowed
  • Laby Mod - Allowed
  • Hyperium - Allowed
  • Cosmic Client - Allowed
  • Lunar Client - Allowed
  • Optifine - Allowed
  • Status HUD - Allowed
  • CPS Mod - Allowed
  • KeystrokesMod - Allowed
  • BspkrsCore - Allowed
  • ArmorHUD - Allowed
  • TCPNoDelayMod - Allowed
  • Toggle Sneak/Sprint - Allowed (Badlion Client is really useful for this)
  • Direction HUD - This is allowed.
  • Schematica - Allowed, but printer mode is not allowed.

Illegal Modifications:

  • Autoclickers - Do not use
  • Fancy Chat (This includes from clients) - Do not use
  • Reach - Do not use
  • Killaura - Do not use
  • X-Ray - Do not use
  • Scripting - Do not use
  • Printer - Do not use
  • Pathfinder - Do not use
  • Auto tool / Autoswitchers - Do not use
  • Minebots - Do not use

(Anything else you think would be a bannable offense on the server, is recommended not to be used. Showing good behavior shows good reputation)

Advertising and Chat Rules:

  • Advertising of any form, which includes sharing IP addresses, other servers, and even information about websites that may lead to other servers is a permanent mutable offense.
  • Do not go around sharing the IP of Bonecraft on any other server, if you are caught doing this, you will be muted or banned permanently.
  • Do not spam chat. This will cause you to be muted.
  • You may curse, but not directly at someone. In other words do not insult someone.
  • You are allowed to send links as long as they aren't IP Grabbers and they don't contain inappropriate content.
  • Threatening a player with dosing or doxing is a permanent ban. This includes threatening the server.
  • Do not ask for staff ranks or operator permission. You WON'T get it.

Bugs and Exploits:

  • If you appear to have found a bug or exploit, feel free to contact a staff member so it can be fixed immediately.
  • If caught abusing a bug or an exploit, this will result in a punishment, which can be either mutable or bannable offense.

Store Chargebacks:

  • If you are chargingback from our webstore, our webstore will immediately detect this and ban you not only from every other server webstore, but ours as well. You will also be immediately permanently banned in-game. If you have any issues with our store, contact a staff member so it may be fixed accordingly.


  • Harassing a player in any form or way will have you either muted or banned according to what you have done. Respect others and be nice. Bonecraft always thrives to be a toxic-free community. Harassing a staff member will result in higher consequences.

Inappropriate Content:

  • Changing your in-game name to anything inappropriate will result in that privilege being removed.
  • If caught building inappropriate things on the server, it will be asked to be removed, if refused, a punishment will be in effect.

Bypassing Mutes and Bans:

  • If you are caught abusing and bypassing a mute or a ban, you will be permanently banned, even your IP.

Alternate Accounts and Voting:

  • You are only allowed to use one alternate account on Bonecraft.
  • You may only vote on your main and alternate account. DO NOT vote for any other alternate accounts or for others. (The voting websites don't like this)

IRL Deals:

  • You may complete IRL deals with players as long as it involves in-game currency, or items. Any money that is lead outside of the server webstore will lead to consequences.