Optical Bonding

Protecting Today's Technology from Outside Dangers

Technology has opened countless doors over the last few decades, leaving no industry untouched by new possibilities. From home-based solutions to the commercial world and beyond, the potential applications run the full gamut of opportunities, both recreational and practical. Smartphones and high-resolution TVs are among the most well-known devices born of surging technology, but they barely scratch the surface in this realm.

Protecting What Lies Beneath

Many techno-driven developments rely on display screens, such as 5x5 LCD video walls for entertainment or advertising purposes or even the latest mobile devices. They're known for incredible color capacity and unprecedented definition among other traits, but they do have certain problems. For one, most are sensitive to their surrounding environment. Due to this reason and many others, they need protective, functionality-enhancing screens. Though tablets, touch-screen ordering portals at restaurants and similar devices certainly fall into this category, the need for screens spans well beyond those common items.

Automotive Technology is increasingly being integrated into today's vehicles. Digital readouts are replacing the analog dials of years past. GPS now comes standard on any number of models. Touch-screen audiovisual controls have become commonplace. Without the right types of screens, these elements would be all but impossible to see or use due to internal and external reflections as well as varying levels of light.

Military Portable devices don't only make life more convenient for civilians; they're facilitators for the military as well. Of course, devices meant for military use are likely to experience quite a bit more wear and tear than their counterparts. With the right screens in place, they can hold up better to impacts, be less traceable and less vulnerable to extreme cold and heat and be more easily seen in high or low light.

Aerospace: Perhaps no known application is subjected to more extreme temperatures, radiation and electromagnetic hazards than those outside the Earth's atmosphere. Screens and bonding techniques have been developed to help instrument panels and other displays function even beyond the terrestrial realm.

From making devices work in the first place to helping them work better than they would otherwise, coverings applied using Optical Bonding help keep out dust and moisture, improve shock absorption and boost temperature tolerance among other benefits. Options have been developed to meet a wide range of requirements. Whether used for household items or pending space exploration, they help make the most of the technology now available.