Upward Basketball FAQ

Mission: Promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports

Registration is open for K-5 grades

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Registration is open for new middle school league 6-8 grades

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Bon Air Baptist Church partners with Bon Air United Methodist Church and Huguenot Road Baptist Church. Practices and games could be at any of the three partner churches. All churches are within a 3 mile radius.

Who can play?

Upward Basketball is for Kindergarten thru 8th grades. The Kindergarten league is coed, however, 1st-8th has a boys and girls side. Typically, the leagues are broken up by (1st/2nd) (3rd/4th/5th ) and (middle school). That can change depending on how the numbers break out.

When are practices?

Practices will resume on January 3, 2019. Teams will practice one day a week for an hour (K-5) and an hour and 15 minutes for middle school. Practices will be the same night/time each week.

When are games?

Games begin on January 5th and go for 8 consecutive Saturdays. Games begin at 8:30 a.m. and end around 3 p.m. A game schedule is provided at least 3 weeks in advance of the first game. Games last approximately one hour.

How are teams formed?

Upward basketball teams are formed based on evaluations that took place before the first practice in the fall of 2018.

Can I make requests?

The evaluations are designed to make teams competitive. Any carpool or friend requests can alter the integrity of the teams. However, we realize that carpools are important and that players want to be with their friends. We will allow families to make ONE request. If a request is made BOTH players must request each other. Also note that if a practice night exclusion is listed, that will count as the only request. In other words if you list a friend you must leave all nights open for practice.

Can I coach?

We always need coaches!! If you have any basketball knowledge, OR are just energetic and fun, we can pair you with an experienced co-coach.


All players must attend ONE basketball evaluation. Time indicated is a window. Evaluation takes approximately 20 minutes.

Evaluations were in November 2018.